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Rose/Ten Fluff.

Continued from: here

Ten: *face stiffens slightly* it isn't that easy for me Rose. There is a lot to consider.
Rose: *quickly* I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.
Ten: *sighs and nods* no I know.
Rose: *sighs as well and moves to lean back, carefully* It's all a big mess.
Ten: Not a mess. Just... complicated.
Rose: Wasn't expecting this when I agreed to come along. *small smile*
Ten: *little laugh* me either. Not really.
Rose: "Not really"? What's that supposed to mean? *smiles*
Ten: Didn't think I should tell you anything. But like I said. I knew how you felt.. you've told me before.
Rose: What happened there, Doctor? When we saw each other again...It was like you didn't expect you would.
Ten: *winces slightly* you really want to know?
Rose: If you're willing to tell me?
Ten: *looks over at her with a serious look on his face* there was a crack in the universe, we slipped through it. Details don't matter right now but what’s important is that I lost you. You got stuck on the other side of that crack. With your family. But not with me.
Rose: You...weren't expecting to see me again then.
Ten: Never.
Ten: I tried to say goodbye. Found one small gap left.
Ten: Managed to.. just about.
Rose: *quietly* It closed.
Ten: Before I had time to tell you.. well. Before we finished talking. Yes.
Rose: I'm sorry.
Ten: *shakes his head* nothing to apologize for
Rose: The hurt.
Ten: Not your fault either.
Ten: But before it closed. You told me then. Told me how you felt. *tears in his eyes. He is -not- going to let those show*
Rose: *stiffens and offers a hand*
Ten: *won't take it right now. Knows if he does he is liable just to cry, and he won't let her see that.*
Rose: *he probably needs to, maybe not in front of her, but in general* What then?
Ten: Then it closed.
Rose: *quiet understanding* You didn't have a chance to say it back.
Ten: *looks away and down at his feet* no. No I didn't.
Rose: *studies him and whispers, just enough for him to hear* I knew.
Ten: *eyes dart up at her and he shakes his head a tad* you don't even know the last year. Everything that happened.
Rose: No, but if you felt it enough to say it back to me? I'd like to think I knew it.
Ten: Well I did.
Rose: *purses her lips and alternates from looking him in the eyes and studying her sneakers*
Rose: Was it a good year, Doctor?
Ten: *looks up and grins* Oh Rose Tyler. It was the best.
Rose: *smiles then* Think 2007 can top it?
Ten: *looks thoughtful for a moment* you know. I think perhaps it can. *beam*
Rose: */grins/* Oh yeah?
Ten: Yeah. *and a thud* ooh there we are. Rome. *beams and shoves his hands in his pockets*
Rose: *grrrrriiins* I should go and change then or are we not bothering with blending? ...Not that you do much bothering anyways.
Ten: *strange nasal noise* mmm, might be a good idea.
Rose: *laughs* Be back in a tic, yeah?
Ten: I'd hope so.
Rose: *wanders off to the wardrobe room then to find something for the time period and location*
Ten: *and won't be getting changed. However might do something with his hair*
Rose: *and returns in a chiton with a palla over it, carefully and her hair braided* Well? *does a little turn*
Ten: oo/ooh/ get you.
Rose: *grins* Look Roman enough then?
Ten: C'mon then. *and walks to the door, opening it right onto the Spanish steps* oh you look positively perfect
Ten: ah! *walks out*
Rose: *follows him then and looks about*
Ten: Welcome to Rome, Rose Tyler
Rose: *laughs a bit* Nothing like the ruins in the text books...
Ten: *head tilt* bit nicer than that.
Rose: Bit? Try /quite/ a bit. *grins*
Ten: *looks at the TARDIS* not very inconspicuous is she? *and notices a centurion type walking over* oh here we go.
Rose: ...Sticks out /just/ a bit. *beams and bounces up on her toes before settling down because she's fairly certain Ancient Roman women don't bounce like over excited puppies*
Ten: Hmm *screws his face* okay, back in.
Rose: What?
Ten: *opening the door and walking back inside. Not really in the mood for dealing with any issues right now. Just wants to do something nice*
Ten: change of plans. Come on.
Rose: All right then. *looks over her shoulder and follows after him, brow raised cutely*
Ten: *pounces back over to the panel, quickly pressing a few buttons, not long before the tardis lands again. Exact same spot, present day.* there we are. Try again.
Rose: *...pause* ...Where and when are we? Another change?
Ten: Same place. Different time. Stay like that. You look endearing *giggles*
Rose: *nudges his shoulder* Hold on. Lemme go and adjust it a bit. Give it a modern twist. And jeans. Could use jeans.
Ten: *small smirk* sounds great
Rose: *smirks back at him and brushes past him on purpose to go and adjust*
Ten: *watches her walk down the platform with a smile*
Rose: *returns, has indeed added jeans, and made the chiton itself shorter, and fitted it with a belt and is now in more practical shoes* See? Easy to work with. *twirls again and bounces over to him*
Ten: Marvelous dahhling, marvelous. Shall we?
Rose: *moves to take his hand* Yes we shall.
Ten: *grips hers, and laces their fingers together. Walking towards the door and out* ah! Now that's more like it.
Rose: Ooh. Sunny Rome. We going to play tourists?
Ten: Sounds good to me. Now there is a lovely gelato place down there *points* what say we go get some ice cream?
Rose: *looks and nods* Yeah. I'd like that.
Ten: *leads her down the road then, past a few shops selling tacky souvenirs and down into a side street* here we are!
Rose: We have money? *amused, and knowing the Doctor as she does, expects a "no"*
Ten: ...Ah.
Ten: *headscratch* never thought about that.
Rose: I have some. If we can change the currency.
Ten: Give me just one minute *and dashes off to look for a cash machine, coming back soon after with a small wad of euros*
Rose: *grins at him* You know, I'm sure that's not legal. *beamity*
Ten: Not quite legal. No. *smirks and goes over to order two impossibly large portions of ice cream. Instead, they just deliver one and give them two spoons.*
Rose: *laughs and smirks* Don't worry, I'll share.
Ten: *jokingly draws a line down the center with his spoon* but don't cross this line *warns* this bits mine *giggles*
Rose: *takes her spoon and takes a helping from his side*
Ten: *mouth drops* oh you did not! That's it. Your for it now. *and flicks some ice cream onto her face*
Rose: *lets her mouth drop* Oh, you're asking for it, Doctor.
Ten: *grins like an idiot and shoves a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth*
Rose: *takes a heaping helping and SMEARS it across his cheek*
Ten: *laughs* hey, don't waste it! *flicks his tongue out trying to lick at his cheek*
Rose: You started it. *will not kiss it off for him. will not kiss it off for him* *grins and shoves a spoonful in her mouth*
Ten: *wipes his cheek with a napkin and takes a huge scoop from her side* that's for taking mine *nods and points his spoon at her as if he's teaching her a lesson* see, no messing with the Doctor.
Rose: *brow raise and rolls her eyes before smirking and taking a bite, happily swirling the spoon about her tongue ^^* Oh I'll mess with you,
Ten: *giggles and shoves her in the side* oh I'm sure you will Rose Tyler. Sure you will *looks over at her, pausing a moment*
Rose: *looks him back over, curiously* What?
Ten: *mouthful of ice cream* nuffin
Ten: *still giving her a look though*
Rose: You're an awful liar. *draws close, tips her head cutely* What?
Ten: *puts his spoon down* we should go *becauseI'mthinkingaboutkissingyouandthatcan'tbegood*
Rose: *pleasekissmewhatcouldbewrongwithit?* We just got here. *another pointed bite of ice cream*
Ten: yeah, we did, yeah *picks his spoon back up and points with it* you going to eat that bit? *and before she can answer* no? Oh good. *and steals it for himself*
Rose: *laughs* You're ridiculous. *takes another bite*
Ten: *might have unconsciously leant in a little closer to her* wonderful isn't it, ice cream. All cold and wet. Look at it *prods*
Rose: *leans closer, as if sharing a secret* Better than sex.
Ten: *and would blush* /well/ that depends on the sex.. and the ice cream *and eats another scoop*
Rose: And you'd know?
Ten: *small smirk* yeah I’d know
Rose: *giggles* Well. This ice cream is pretty good.
Ten: mmm 'tis. Only the best for you. *licking what's left off his spoon*
Rose: And only the best for you. *nod, happily sucking on her spoon to get the flavor off*
Ten: I only ever go for the best. *winks*
Rose: *drawls* Of /course/ you do. They don't come any better than Rose Tyler.
Ten: *smirky grin* you're right there
Rose: I think you're coming on to me. *giggles*
Ten: *laughs and looks down at the floor nervously*
Rose: *gah, did it again, looks up nervously then*
Ten: *jokingly* well, I'm a handsome man *leans back in his chair* I know its hard to resist me
Rose: I hope that chair falls over and you fall on your arse.
Rose: *grins though*
Ten: *mock pout*
Ten: *scoops at whatever is left of the ice cream* well you sure demolished that
Rose: Calling me fat?
Ten: *holds his hands up* never
Ten: *youhaveaperfectfigure*
Rose: I could stand to lose a bit of weight. *thankyouIloveyou*
Ten: *scrunches his face up disapprovingly* don't be so silly *iloveyoutoo*
Rose: *scrunches her nose, cutely* All right, fine.
Ten: *smirks. Dripping ice cream off his spoon as he misses his mouth*
Rose: *...giggles* You think you're soooo suave.
Ten: mmm, oh yes.
Ten: *and might be looking at her while she doesn't notice*
Rose: You've got ice cream down your chin, Don Juan.
Ten: what? oh *wipes his face* look presentable now, your Majesty?
Rose: *drawls* Terribly charming. *i'dhitit*
Ten: *smug grin*
Ten: oh! didn't tell you 'bout the time you snogged me did I.
Ten: *incorrigible*
Rose: *laughs!* I snogged you?
Ten: well /technically/ you were possessed at the time
Ten: not bad though *smirks*
Rose: Oh great, I've dreamt of snogging you and I only did it when I was possessed. Lovely first snog, eh? *smirks back, plotting perhaps* Not bad though?
Ten: You've dreamt of it have you *smirkity* mm no, not bad at all.
Rose: As a matter of fact. *smirks back* Would you like to know what I dream, hm? *leans back in her own chair and studies the ceiling nonchalantly*
Ten: *curious* I dunno. Would I?
Ten: Tell me and then I'll tell you if I wanted to know that.
Rose: *laughs* I'm not going to /tell/ you!
Ten: *pouts*
Rose: *smirks* That'd be telling. Besides, s'not all rated PG-13.
Ten: *chockes back laughter*
Rose: *can't contain herself then, giggles*
Ten: *stops again, looking at her*
Rose: *smiles* What?
Ten: Nothing.
Rose: *headtip, pout*
Ten: *puts his spoon down and reaches out for her hand, smiling at her serenely*
Rose: *accepts his hand and smiles back, soft and bright*
Ten: *rubs his thumb over her fingers idly*
Rose: *closes her eyes a moment to savor the touch before leaning half against him assuming they're sitting side by side*
Ten: *leans against her and rests his head on hers, thinking about saying something but stopping again*
Rose: *not good to keep things inside, still, doesn't complain, just snuggles against him a bit*
Ten: *tilts his head and kisses her hair softly*
Rose: *freezes, in a good way and relaxes before kissing the back of his hand*
Ten: *pulls back a little and turns so he can see her face*
Rose: *tilts her head to watch him, careful and still*
Ten: *smiles, pursing his lips together, rubbing her hand again* *reallywanttokissherrightnow*
Rose: *smiles back to him, bright and beautiful, clearly saying "So glad I'm with you"* *ohgodpleasedo,wouldkisshimherselfifsheweren'tafraidhe'dpullback*
Ten: *and is still looking at her. Clearly fighting some inner battle or psyching himself up to overcome something* *iwanttoireallydo,definatelywouldntpullbackifyoudidthough*
Rose: *and is still looking back, brow carefully creased as if she's trying to figure out /what/ he's thinking before leaning in, carefully to kiss him*
Ten: *and would be leaning in to meet her instinctively, his lips pressing oh so delicately against hers before adding a slight bit of pressure*
Rose: *happy sound of surprise and softens her lips against his, closing her eyes to draw out the kiss*
Ten: *most definitely letting himself go into it now, and raises a hand up to cup her cheek, kissing her again*
Rose: *smiles a bit against his lips and drapes her arms over his neck, kissing back*
Ten: *and opens his mouth just the tiniest bit, kissing her again putting more of himself into it. His hands brushing up into her hair*
Rose: *and opens her mouth in turn, kissing back, perhaps a bit more deeply*
Ten: *at feeling her deepen the kiss he uses a little more strength, pulling her head against his, pressing his lips harder against her and kissing her repeatedly*
Rose: *nips at his lips, just a bit and pulls herself closer, holding him tight and kissing back each time he kisses her*
Ten: *moves the one arm down now, carefully draping it around her waist and pulling her towards him, pressing her body against his and kissing back more passionately*
Rose: *nuzzles at him, affectionately and pulls herself closer, andohgodthisisjustlikeweimagined, before kissing back, matching his passion*
Ten: *and now starts exploring her mouth with his tongue. letting out the tiniest of moans, holding her body tight against him, his one hand entangled in her hair*
Rose: *presses close against him and lets her tongue move out to greet his, sighing happily into his mouth in answer to his moan and stroking at his neck, perhaps fussing with his collar*
Ten: *and that one hand on her lower back might move down a little and snake her top ever so slightly up, laying his hand on the bare skin of her lower back*
Rose: *arches at the touch and let's her own tongue explore the crevices of his mouth and she may hold him a bit tighter*
Ten: *finally blinks a couple of times and pulls his head back slightly, kissing her again but softer, before moving his hands back and then his head, looking rather flushed and staring down at the ground sheepishly*
Rose: *nononono* *kisses back, gently and moves back, carefully, studying him*
Ten: *clears his throat* /soooo/
Rose: *laughs* Since when did you know how to kiss, huh?
Ten: *blushes and scratches the back of his head* I've been about a bit
Rose: Obviously skipped your Ninth. *grin* You're blushing.
Ten: No I'm not *so is*
Ten: *covers his face with a hand*
Rose: *laughs, good naturedly* You're so cute!
Ten: *looks up with a giggle*
Ten: come on, let's go back
Rose: *takes his hand* All right. Let's go back.
Ten: *grips it tightly and stands, straightening his suit before pulling her down the street back towards the TARDIS*
Rose: *follows with a bit of a bounce in her step*
Ten: *pulls her back through the doors and closes them behind him, immediately busying himself at the control panel, setting the TARDIS in motion*
Rose: Back to the hotel, yeah?
Ten: mmm *nods* yeah. If that's what you want.
Rose: Where else would we go? I mean...what if my mum's in that crack of the universe like you said?
Ten: yeah, the hotel *sets the co-ordinates, he's gone quite quiet now, and is fiddling with things to distract him*
Rose: *finds a place to perch and watches him, seriously, head tipped*
Ten: *is being remarkably silent and not looking up at her at all*
Rose: *bites her lip and will stay there in silence before moving to her bedroom to get changed again, but more than that to avoid the awkward silence in the console room*
Ten: *and will have turned to watch her walk, cursing himself a little. He knows he is too past the stage of growing attached. Far too late to change that. He just doesn't want to hurt her. She will grow old and she will die, whereas he will never change, save for another regeneration. Something he is acutely aware of*
Rose: *and Rose understands that, to some degree she's known it since she watched Nine regenerate into Ten, and it was solidified in her mind after numerous arguments with Nine, talks with Jack and then Five...Oh yes, Five made her all to aware of it-- but it's something she's willing to risk, she's decided /this/ ages ago*
Ten: *pressing random buttons on a panel, discreetly watching in the reflection to see if she comes back. He can't help but think of kissing her again, think of how much he enjoyed being able to touch her. And he loves he, he knows that much, and why shouldn't he be happy?*
Rose: *Nine hundred years is a long time to be alone, let her help. Why not be happy? If only for one lifetime. It's more than you've had, isn't it? Will indeed return and perch herself again, near him but not too near to intrude*
Ten: *sees her in the reflection and turns his head. Small smile over at her* hello
Rose: Hullo. *smiles back* What are you doing?
Ten: Adjusting this *vague wave*
Ten: *turns to her, stiffens his face and his voice* Rose. *small sigh* you know this can end in nothing but tears.
Rose: It's how all things end, isn't it?
Ten: With me *sad smile*
Rose: With anyone.
Rose: Someone always has to go first.
Ten: It's not the same.
Ten: I won't grow old with you Rose. I'll never change.
Rose: You know I can't go back, that there isn't a man in space and time that keep me snce I've met you. Can't be happy with anyone else.
Ten: It'll only hurt you more in the end. Do you really want that?
Rose: ./You're/ worth it.
Ten: Rose I'm not even human. *looks away and laughs slightly*
Rose: Doesn't change a thing, does it? *looks to him* What?
Ten: *looks back over* I always travel with someone Rose. Always have. You're the first that I.. that I really. *pauses* well, that I felt quite like this for.
Rose: *scratches the back of her neck and gives a shy smile and then a bit of a frown* Your Fifth mentioned that.
Ten: *frowns* what did he say?
Rose: It was less flattering when he said it...
Ten: *frown turns into a scowl*
Ten: and what he said was?
Rose: *pauses and considers before speaking* Your Ninth formally introduced us. Mickey...Mickey had mentioned that I had broken up with him for you, the Doctor to your fifth before this. And the Fifth was really on edge about it...
Ten: what did he say to you Rose?
Rose: He didn't really say anything to /me/. He said it to your Ninth, and to Mickey, that the Doctor doesn't get into ...that, that you can't love me because the Doctor doesn't get into that sort of thing with his companions. Your Ninth had to calm him down a good bit and say the feeling wasn't mutual...
Rose: But I was there. I heard it.
Ten: *sighs*
Ten: Well like I told you. I don't get into that sort of thing with my companions.
Ten: *softly* you're different.
Rose: *softer* I'm glad.
Ten: And it is mutual. You know it is.
Rose: I know. I love you. And you return it.
Ten: *looks away and then back over*
Ten: Rose..
Rose: Doctor?
Ten: So what do you want? From me, what do you want?
Rose: I want to stay with you. I want whatever you will give to me. If it's just a place as your companion, or something more, or nothing at all...I want you. Any part of you can and will give me.
Ten: Of course you can stay. You know I want you to stay.
Rose: I wouldn't be here if you didn't.
Ten: *offers his hand out, gesturing for her to come over to him*
Rose: *takes his hand and moves to him*
Ten: So here we are then.
Rose: *quirk of a smile* Here we are.
Ten: *wraps his arms around her and squeezes her tight, leaning into her cheek and blowing a raspberry on it. Way to ease the tension*
Rose: *wraps her arms back around him and holds tight before laughing and writhing* That tickles.
Ten: *pulls his head back with a stupid grin on his face, then moves to brush a strand of hair from her eyes, touching her cheek softly as he does*
Rose: *closes her eyes, take away one of the five senses and the other four heighten, it's nice*
Ten: *and the TARDIS whirrs as it lands back at the hotel, distracting him from perhaps kissing her again* ahh, we're back.
Rose: Yeah?
Ten: Yup.
Ten: Don't know if you wanna go and see your friends or something. *vague wave* or go see him.
Rose: *opens her eyes before tangling their fingers* He told me to leave.
Ten: he did what?!
Rose: I dunno. I upset him I guess...He told me to leave. Brought me back and that was that...*bits her lip now*
Rose: **bites
Ten: *squeezes her hand tight* I'm sorry, I didn't realize.
Rose: Was my fault.
Ten: Why?
Rose: ...Well, he overreacted. He does that.
Ten: *scoffs* I know.
Ten: Well do you want to go and see your friend Torchwood or anything? *that would be Ianto then*
Rose: I'm all right. He's probably with Jack. *amused eye roll*
Ten: Ahh yes. *smirk*
Rose: Mickey's giving me the cold shoulder while he sorts himself out...Harry's making eyes at Sarah Jane Smith. *shoves him, playfully* You're stuck with me.
Ten: I'm sure I'll cope. *shoves her right back*
Rose: Good.
Ten: *scratches the back of his head, unsure what to say to her again, causing a slight awkward silence*
Rose: *hums something to fill it, absently playing with his tie*
Ten: *arches an eyebrow* what are you doing?
Rose: *arches one back, adorably* Dunno, what /am/ I doing?
Ten: *nervous laughter* that's what I'm asking you
Rose: Fiddling with your tie, clearly,
Ten: any reason why?...
Rose: *devious smirk, but has no real reason, still, he's fun to wind up*
Ten: *squirms a tad*
Ten: You sure there is nobody you need to go see? *pulls on his ear* cus I should probably go and get some rest or something.. anyway
Rose: *laughs* You squirm so easily. *pecks his cheek* Go and rest if you want
Ten: *stupid grin*
Ten: I will yes.
Ten: *gives her hand one last squeeze and heads off down the platform towards his bedroom*
Rose: *smirks after him and blows a kiss after him* Muah.
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