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*** House has joined #desperatescreen

(House): (Are we alive?)

(Jack): (are we?)

(Wilson): (sorta)

(Warren): {{No we're not, we're zombies.}}

(House): *reading German again, then? pregnancies take no brainpower and are thus boring*

(Wilson): *stares* Why are you reading German?

(House): Praxis. Um aufzupolieren.

(Wilson): What?

(House): Just to brush up.

(House): Und ich bin gebohrt.

(Wilson): *sigh* Translation?

(House): And I'm bored.

(Wilson): You've run out of people to annoy?

(House): For now.

(Wilson): I see...

(House): Unless you want to volunteer.

(Wilson): Well, if you'd rather read a German/English dictionary...

(House): No, I'd rather annoy you. Sit.

(Wilson): *crosses his arms* I'm not a puppy. I don't sit on command.

(House): *gives him a Look, and points to spot on the couch next to him* Sit.

(Wilson): *raises an eyebrow. No, no sitting here. Yet.*

(House): *tries to stare him down*

(Wilson): *sits, damnit*

(House): *smirks* Good boy.

(Wilson): Not a puppy.

(House): *pats his head*

(Wilson): Hey! *fixes hair*

(House): My drunken threat still stands.

(Wilson): I'm surprised you remember making it

(House): Good brain.

(Wilson): Apparently.

(House): I could probably do the same with spit, actually.

(Wilson): Don't.

(House): I'm a little more mature than that.

(Wilson): You are?

(House): *sticks his tongue out*

(Wilson): *laughs* Thank you for proving my point.

(House): *charming grin :D*

(Wilson): *shakes his head*

(House): Sie lieben mich und Sie kennen es.

(Wilson): Which means...?

(House): You love me and you know it.

(Wilson): I do?

(House): You smirked.

(Wilson): Really?

(House): When you said you didn't.

(Wilson): So?

(House): So you never smirk.

(Wilson): Obviously if I smirked the other night, then I do so sometimes.

(House): Only when you think you're being sneaky.

(Wilson): Who said I was being sneaky?

(House): Tell me while you're sober.

(Wilson): Tell you what?

(House): That you're not madly in love with me.

(Wilson): *laughs* House, I'm not madly in love with you.

(House): Not even a little bit?

(Wilson): A little bit madly in love?

(House): Foget the madly part.

(Wilson): Why are we talking about this?

(House): Curiosity.

(Wilson): You know what they say about curiousity.

(House): Good thing I'm not a cat.

(Wilson): I don't think it's the cats that need to worry, really. Nine lives and all.

(House): You're avoiding the question.

(Wilson): I am?

(House): Yep.

(Wilson): So?

(House): ... you're still doing it.

(Wilson): Why is that bothering you so much?

(House): Just stop avoiding the question!

(Wilson): Maybe I don't have an answer.

(House): ... it's not that hard of a question.

(Wilson): I don't know. Maybe. Why?

(House): You're maybe in love with me?

(Wilson): Why are you asking about this?

(House): Why aren't you answering?

(Wilson): Why are you interrogating me about it?

(House): I wouldn't interrogate if you'd fucking answer!

(Wilson): So you expect me to answer your questions, but you won't answer mine?

(House): Answer mine first.

(Wilson): I already answered one of yours. I think that makes it your turn

(House): Fine, what was the question?

(Wilson): Why are you asking me about this? *not buying curiousity as a reason*

(House): Because I didn't believe you the first time you said it.

(Wilson): And your feelings are...?

(House): That's not the question here.

(Wilson): It is now.

(House): You never answered mine.

(Wilson): I've answered several of yours.

(House): When?

(Wilson): I already told you how I feel.

(House): You said /maybe/.

(Wilson): Which is an answer.

(House): No it isn't!

(Wilson): Yes, it is.

(House): It's a stupid answer.

(Wilson): *laughs* And yet still an answer.

(House): Not a desicive one.

(House): *decisive

(Wilson): You didn't ask for a decisive answer.

(House): Well /now/ I am.

(Wilson): Not until you answer my question.

(House): Maybe.

(Wilson): *laughs* That's cheating.

(House): No answer mine.

(House): *Now

(Wilson): Maybe. But I don't know if I want things to change.

(House): Really, would they change /that/ much?

(Wilson): I don't know.

(House): We already act like a married couple, everyone said so. We've lived together -- which didn't work out too well, but whatever.

(Wilson): It'd make Cameron and Foreman much more obnoxious.

(House): They'd be too busy making out to notice.

(Wilson): Has it gotten that far?

(House): If it hasn't yet, it will soon.

(House): Foreman will probably roll his eyes and Cameron will coo, that's really it.

(Wilson): Or we'll find random bottles of... tequila, wasn't it? Laying around.

(House): Tequila, yeah. But I'll retaliate with lattes.

(Wilson): *laughs* That sounds fair.

(House): So -- what are we doing?

(Wilson): Seeing how things go?

(House): ... okay.

(Wilson): If we act so much like an old married couple already, Cameron and Foreman might not even notice.

(House): Unless we make out in front of them or something.

(Wilson): *smiles* Which, granted, could be entertaining for the shock value.

(House): Which obviously means we should.

(House): ... I can't tell if you're being serious right now and that worries me.

(Wilson): *poker face* I've never been more serious.

(House): ... *kisses him, then*

(Wilson): *kisses him back* House?

(House): *oh why this stopping?* Wilson?

(Wilson): I was kidding. *smiles* But it's not like they're here anyway.

(House): It's because I don't look good in a nurse's uniform, isn't it?

(Wilson): *laughs* That's okay.

(House): *takes his hands and gives him big puppy eyes* I know I'm not everything you're looking for, but I think we can make it work. *bats his eyes*

(Wilson): I wouldn't change you anyway. Even if I could.

(House): *sniffles* You're so good to me.

(Wilson): Of course I am. *smiles*

(House): Right, anyway. *lets his hands go, looking a little awkward*

(Wilson): *leans back* So. What now?

(House): No idea. I haven't done this in a while.

(Wilson): Well, don't look at me. My track record's been pretty lousy.

(House): I know, trust me.

(Wilson): I know.

(House): Dare I ask another question?

(Wilson): Go ahead.

(House): How long have you maybe been in love with me?

(Wilson): *shrugs* Awhile. It was one of those "didn't happen all at once" things.

(House): No great epiphany?

(Wilson): I was never good with those.

*** LurkypantsForeman has joined #desperatescreen

(LurkypantsForeman): *doesn't exist*

(House): Oh right, that's my job.

(Wilson): Oh, so you had an epiphany?

(House): Oh, every day. *serious nod*

(Wilson): Oh, really?

(House): I wake up in the morning and say, "Holy shit, I'm in love with Wilson," then forget again by the end of the day. That's why I never told you, you see.

(LurkypantsForeman): [ XXXDDD ]

(Wilson): *laughs* Oh, that's how worked?

(House): My brain is an amazing place.

(Wilson): Of course it is.

(House): Well you obviously don't love me for my dashing good looks, it has to be something.

(LurkypantsForeman): [ WRONG ]


(LurkypantsForeman): [ Never underestimate the power of pretty blue eyes ]

*** Erin has joined #desperatescreen


(Wilson): (Wilson: I'll make the typist sic Lucy and the puppy on you.) Hmm. Maybe.

(Erin): [Nothing at all interesting to be seeing, I'm sure.]

(LurkypantsForeman): [ Nope. Pure boredom. Just House and Wilson being exactly the same as ever. ]

(Erin): [With more tongue involved, is all.]

(LurkypantsForeman): [ *still thinks Hugh and RSL need to snog at least once for the blooper reel.* ]

(House): (Oh god yes XD)

(House): I secretly love -- and envy you -- for your hair.

(LurkypantsForeman): [ I can see it. RSL loses a line halfway through. Sputters around it and backtracks and -- Hugh... *GRABSNOGFALLOVER*]
(Erin): [Blooper reel whatever, they need to do it for the SHOW. XD]

(LurkypantsForeman): [ It's still network TV, though. ]

(Erin): [Alas.]

(LurkypantsForeman): [ and America has the dumb. ]

(House): (I can see it now. Viewer Discretion Advised... FOR MANSNOGGING! :O)

(Wilson): I knew it!

(Erin): [Wiiiin.]

(House): *ruffles it, smiling a little*

(LurkypantsForeman): [ ..... *ded from AWWWWWWW* ]

(Wilson): *smiles, fixes* Stop that.

(Erin): [D'awwwww.]

(House): You're just mad that you can't retaliate.


(Wilson): Are you sure about that?

(House): ... reasonably?

(LurkypantsForeman): [ Foreman: Steal his cane, s'what I did ]

(Wilson): I'd threaten to blow dry your hair in your sleep, but I already know you don't sleep soundly enough.

(House): Can't steal my razor, either.

(Erin): [I'd say put Nair in his shampoo, but that implies he uses it.]

(Wilson): I'll think of something

(House): The cane thing was a stroke of genius, I will admit.

(Wilson): *nods, grins* And difficult to top

(Erin): [... Out of context...]

(LurkypantsForeman): [ Well, he IS. ]

(LurkypantsForeman): [ Though with the leg and all... damn, how WOULD that work? ]

(House): (House: Carefully)

(LurkypantsForeman): [ I've only read H/C smut and she just topped, it was quite simple, but. ]

(House): ... I can't think of a nonsexual comeback to that and can't decide which sexual one to use. Congrats, you caught me speechless for the moment.

(Wilson): *grins* Well, that's rare.

(House): Quick, use it to your advantage.

(LurkypantsForeman): [ MORE MAKEOUTS ]

(LurkypantsForeman): [ Foreman: *gags typist* ]


(Erin): [Cameron: *doesn't gag typist*]

(Wilson): (*coffees* Yay no sleep!)

(Wilson): *leans over and kisses House*

(LurkypantsForeman): [ *SWOON* ]

(House): *stunned for a moment, but returns the kiss*

(House): (*thinks this should be a cue for Ducklings, personally*)

(LurkypantsForeman): [I WAS JUST TELLING HER THAT]

(LurkypantsForeman): [ and she was all NOOOO LET THEM HAVE THEIR MOMENT ]

(Erin): [OKAY FINE.]

*** LurkypantsForeman is now known as Foreman

*** Cameron has joined #desperatescreen

(Foreman): [ may I setup? ]

(Cameron): [Sure!]

(House): (Eh?)

(Foreman): [ nevermind, y'all go ahead ]

(Cameron): *will be walking in then! Hurrah!*

(Foreman): *is walking in from the elevators with Cameron, a few steps ahead of her, probably to play board games. Until he looks up and nearly falls over mid-stride*

(Cameron): *will just be standing and jawdropping*

(House): (Like so? http://gallery.pblabs.com/albums/album27/polls2.png )

(Foreman): *... and after a moment's pause, ducks /back/ into the elevator hall, snatching Cameron and pulling her along by the wrist*

(Foreman): [ YES, LIKE SO ]

(Wilson): (*DIES*)

(Warren): {{..Chase has a little pink bow. *giggledeath*}}

(Foreman): [ That is because HOWSE!!1 is love. ]

(Wilson): ((That's so cute!))

(Foreman): [ http://mspaint_lolz.livejournal.com/ <-- plug ]

(Cameron): [Yay HOWSE!]

(Foreman): [ anyway, *shoves everyone IC because omg* ]

(Cameron): *will still not have closed her mouth, but dragg'd!*

(Foreman): *and this will be Dr. Foreman, peeking around the corner in pretty much the most junior-high way possible*

(House): *is debating giving them a show, or something*

(Cameron): *see Dr. Cameron's head peeking out underneath his*

(Wilson): *breaks the kiss, thankfully doesn't notice Cameron and Foreman*

(Foreman): [ oh God, they're spotted XD ]

(Cameron): [Cameron: House notices things even when kissing is going on.]

(Foreman): [ Impressive. If I was making out with Wilson, my pants could catch fire and I'd probably miss it. ]

(Cameron): [At least Wilson isn't trying to get a blood sample.]

(Foreman): [ The question is not whether House will put on for the ducklings. ]

(Foreman): [ The question is whether he will TELL Wilson that he's putting on for the ducklings, or just screw with EVERYBODY. ]

(House): *kisses his cheek before moving away* Did you hear quacking?

(Wilson): *mutters* Tell me you're kidding.

(Cameron): *this would be a facepalm*

(Foreman): *too busy choking back lulz to catch any of the exchange*

(Foreman): [ no no, they didn't hear, it's better that way ^^ ]

(Cameron): [Otay! XD]

(House): It's almost cute.

(Foreman): *straining to hear conversation, just catches 'cute' and grins*

(Wilson): Duck hunt?



(Foreman): [ IT WAS /MAGNIFICENT/ ]

(Cameron): [... Win.]

(Cameron): [I HATE THE DOG.]

(House): I don't have an orange plastic gun on me. What do you suggest?

(Wilson): Start carrying a bright orange water pistol?

(Cameron): *glances up at Foreman and whispers* Maybe we should let them be.

(Warren): {{When I lived in the other building, there was a guy in the neighboring building who had a giant paper cutout of the dog in his window.}}

(Wilson): ((*dies*))

(Foreman): *whispers back* They're in /public/. If they decide to go up to a room, we'll just walk out like we just got here.

(Cameron): *nods*

(House): I meant for right now.

(Wilson): Hmm. Suggestions?

(House): You could sneak up behind them and yell boo?


(Wilson): How's that going to work if they're watching us?

(House): (HE HOVERS!)

(House): Pretend you're going somewhere else?

(Wilson): True...

(House): The hallway loops around on itself, so you can go out the other way and come up behind them.


(House): (I like that they've gone from snarky confessions of love to covert spy missions)

(Wilson): *kisses House again* I'll be back.

(House): *smirks* Knew I liked you for a reason.

(Foreman): *ducks away from the corner to sit in the floor and completely silently /crack the fuck up/*

(Cameron): *looks at Foreman with much amusion*

(House): (Oh hey, that shit hurts XD)

(Foreman): [Foreman: Just because it is adorable and precious and sweet doesn't make it any less HIGH-LARIOUS]

(House): (No, I mean laughing silently hurts XD)

(Foreman): [ ah, well yes ]

(Foreman): [ the sacrifices we make for love? ]

(Wilson): *sneaks around the hallway*

(Foreman): *grins at Cameron, mouthing 'it's /cuuuuute/'*

(Cameron): *nods, grinning back*

(Foreman): *leans back on the wall, finally calming the giggles just a bit*

(House): *looks amused and a bit smug*

(Wilson): *briefly peers around the corner, waiting for them to turn away from the wall so he can sneak up on them*

(House): *starts twirling his cane*

(Foreman): *teeny tiny whisper* Where'd he go? Did he come back?

(Cameron): ... I don't know.

(Foreman): Well /look/. *scoots over her to look back around the corner*

(House): (Well look and see, you sillies! -- hi, 4manz XD)

(Foreman): [ ... *past her, I think is what I meant? idk ]

(Cameron): Is he there?

(Foreman): No. I don't know where he went though, is there anything over there?

(Cameron): Um... Not that I see.

(Wilson): *creeps up behind them and lays a hand on each of their shoulders. Says casually* See anything interesting?

(Cameron): *this would be a jump and a yelp*

(Foreman): *jumps to the point of tumbling forward. ends up somehow on his back, looking up at Wilson... and bursts into hysterical cackles*

(House): That's real manly, Foreman.

(Cameron): I'm so sorry!

(Foreman): *still through laughter* But it's /funny/! I mean it's -- it's very sweet. Really. It's great for both of you, I'm happy, but it's still /hysterical/.

(House): And you two pulling a Saved By the Bell and peering at us from the hallway isn't?

(Cameron): Shouldn't have! Really sorry!

(Warren): {{Also, House watches /Saved by the Bell/?}}

(Foreman): Of course it was. The whole thing's hysterical. *still trying to quit laughing*

(House): (And The L Word)

(Cameron): [And General Hospital.]

(Cameron): *will be trying to be swallowed by the floor about now*

(House): So now it's your turn.

(Foreman): Oh right, right, because a barely-month-old vague halfhearted idea of slight attraction is exactly the same as the romantic tension you two have been wading in for /years/, right?

(Cameron): ... Well, we did spy. It'd be fair.

(House): See? Be /fair/, Foreman.

(Foreman): -- *silent blink*

(Cameron): I'm just saying.

(Foreman): *this is a very, very, very, very, very broken neurologist. who is shooting confused glances between House and Cameron. OK, confused glances at House, /utter fucking bafflement/ and a bit of alarm at Cameron*

(House): Aaw, he's like a puppy trying to figure out what to do with the vaccuum cleaner.

(Cameron): It's not like it has to *mean* anything. It's just throwing House a bone.

(Foreman): [ *ded from House* ]

(Foreman): I -- well. *is, frankly, too confused to manage to hide his disappointment at that*

(House): And now Cameron kicked the puppy.

(Cameron): *very very under her breath* I didn't say it *couldn't*...

(House): *leans against the wall, looking amused*

(Foreman): *okay, not worrying about House now, just at Cameron with quite frankly the blankest and most useless look he's probably ever had on his face while conscious*

(Cameron): ... Okay, fine. *grabs Foreman's collar, pulls him down, and kisses him*

(House): *-- boggles a bit, not expecting them to actually /do/ it*

(Foreman): *and, well, we could completely say it's that whole Newtonian object-in-motion babble that ends in him propped over her on his elbows, yeah? and the pressing her into the tile thing, totally gravity*

(House): *raises his eyebrows and takes a step or two back*

(Cameron): [Hahah. Touche, House.]

(Foreman): [ *cackle* ]

(House): (-- what? XD)

(Cameron): *and we shall break the kiss and smile a rather satisfied smile*

(Cameron): [You weren't expecting it. XD]

(House): I left my confetti in my other jacket.

(Foreman): [ Hey, if Foramen is going to be shattered beyond repair, someone else should at LEAST get to squick a little ]

(Cameron): Are you happy now, House?

(Foreman): *very slow blink* This really is the fucking Twilight Zone, isn't it.

(Foreman): *still propped over her, in case anyone missed this*

(House): I'm doing a Snoopy dance on the inside.

(House): And hey, if Anthony is here, it very well could be.

(Cameron): Well. That worked.

(Foreman): Yeah, it... *exhales in that long, trying-to-clear-your-mind way that never works* It certainly did. On who, I'm not sure.

(Cameron): *laughs a little*

(Foreman): Well. *a little overly businesslike, stands up, offers her a hand up* Way I see it we've got a handful of options here.

(Cameron): *takes his hand* Oh?

(Foreman): Well, sure. We can act all awkward, head off our separate ways and try to convince oursleves that never happened. Then there's the big drawn out conversations about everyone's /feelings/. Or...

(Cameron): Or?

(Foreman): *thinks on this last one a moment, before sliding one hand around her neck and kissing her again. nice deep slow intentional type kiss.*

(Cameron): *Well, Hello, this would be kissing back.*

(Foreman): *rests his other hand on her hip before pulling back* ...or, there's that.

(Cameron): *half-grin* I pick C. Do I need a number two pencil?

(Foreman): Not necessarily. But D involved getting the hell out of the lobby. Gotta be careful to read the whole question.

(Cameron): Can I change my answer?

(Foreman): Did you bring an eraser?

(Cameron): Of course I did. Why would I come unprepared to a test?

(Foreman): You always were a sharp one. *just barely walking back toward the elevators a bit* Was gonna say if you needed another I'm sure I have one. Somewhere. Coat pocket or in a nightstand or something.

(Cameron): .... /Foreman/.

(Foreman): *holds up his hands* House's medicine cabinet feeds him Vicodin! My nightstand came with condoms! Can't blame a guy for trying!

(Cameron): Smart nightstand.

(Foreman): *smiles a little* I could at least buy you dinner first. Inasmuch as one buys anything around here.

(Cameron): *grins* Okay.
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