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Ianto Jones

Okay, preamble: This isn't DS canon. It's a-- well, I like to call it a crack!RP. Mandi and I like to RP with Jack and Ianto in PM-- throw them into silly situations, and see what happens.

Anyway, there was some interest in this one being shared. Jack gets tossed into an alternate universe and meets the alternate Torchwood Three. (For the first bit of the log, "Ianto" refers to alt!Ianto. When we begin playing in both universes at the same time, I begin to use "Ianto" and "alt!Ianto". Sorry if that's confusing.)

[16:09] Ianto: *Jack's body will be taken to wherever Torchwood has set up camp and left, for the moment, inside a tent. there's a familiar-looking black SUV parked outside and voices far-off, including a familiar Welsh accent*
[16:13] Jack: Jack: *is good and dead or at least is for a few moments, green eyes open and he blinks a bit hearing Ianto's voice... okay, he doesn't recall dying /here/.*
[16:14] Ianto: Ianto: *the voices stop and then there's the sound of footsteps getting closer*
[16:15] Jack: Jack: *is sitting up by the time Ianto comes back*
[16:16] Ianto: Ianto: *then as soon as the tent flaps are pushed back, there's a gun in his face*
[16:17] Jack: Jack: *is getting tired of having guns pointed at him* You can put the gun away, Ianto.
[16:18] Ianto: Ianto: *is not wearing a suit-- rather he's dressed in all black, with a black leather jacket, sunglasses, and slightly-spiked hair* I'll put the gun away when I damn well please.
[16:22] Jack: Jack: *lets green eyes roam over Ianto... yeah, he's just a tad bit confused by this change of things*
[16:23] Ianto: Ianto: *takes off the sunglasses, smoothly, and looks at Jack* Now, let's start with how you know my name.
[16:27] Jack: Jack: Let's start with why you think I shoudn't know it.
[16:29] Ianto: Ianto: *little smirk* I think I'd remember if we'd met.
[16:29] Jack: Jack: Obviously not.
[16:40] Ianto: Ianto: *is still holding the gun on him, we'll note* You were dead when we brought you in and now you're not. I'm trying not to be annoyed by that.
[16:40] Jack: Jack: Sorry, I don't die. You could shoot me now and I'd not stay dead. *shrugs* You should've known that already... unless... *rolls his eyes* Wouldn't it figure.
[16:43] Ianto: Ianto: *demanding* Your name.
[16:43] Jack: Jack: *rolls his eyes a bit* Captain Jack Harkness
[16:44] Ianto: Ianto: Captain of? *pause, nod* You're American.
[16:45] Jack: Jack: Got a problem with that?
[16:46] Ianto: Ianto: No. I've got a problem with you mouthing off.
[16:46] Jack: Jack: Too bad. You'll get used to it.
[16:51] Ianto: Ianto: *rolls eyes--is much more relaxed than real!Ianto* Right. Captain Jack Harkness. Consider yourself taken in custody.
[16:52] Jack: Jack: I don't think so. I plan on going home. Back to /my/ Ianto. One that's not quite like you. *Not that this one wouldn't have potential but still*
[16:53] Ianto: Ianto: I'm flattered.
[16:56] Jack: Jack: Oh, I'm not so sure you would be. You two would be like oil and water. You wouldn't mix at all.
[17:04] Ianto: Ianto: My team's packing the land rover. When they're done, we're going back to base and you, -sir-, are coming with. *ooh, sarcastic sir. and yes, he said -my- team*
[17:06] Jack: Jack: Your team is it? Torchwood fall that low? *yes, he's being cheeky for a reason although we can't say he's not turned on by the look... the sarcasticness could use a little work though*
[17:10] Ianto: Ianto: *eyebrow* Ianto Jones, head of Torchwood Three. We're not London, but we make do. Didn't have Cybermen on our doorstep either.
[17:11] Jack: Jack: *gives a laugh at that, full hearted laugh... oh, yeah, he's definitely amused*
[17:14] Ianto: Ianto: Something funny, is there?
[17:14] Jack: Jack: Yeah, actually, something is. You /lead/ Torchwood Three. Where I'm from you don't.
[17:23] Ianto: Ianto: *is in ur parallel universe doin ur job* Where I come from, I do. Funny, that.
[17:24] Jack: Jack: And where I'm from I lead Torchwood Three. And then there's my team. Ianto, Tosh, Gwen and Owen
[17:31] Ianto: Ianto: Owen Harper, is it? Had him executed. Toshiko is one of mine. Second-in-command. Can't say I know a Gwen.
[17:31] Jack: Jack: *raises a brow* Then who's your doctor then?
[17:39] Ianto: Ianto: Toshiko. Borrowed her from the RSF and never gave her back.
[17:40] Jack: Jack: And your computer expert? *he is far too amused with this when he shouldn't be*
[17:41] Ianto: Ianto: *toothy grin* Sorry, nothing you don't already know.
[17:54] Jack: Jack: You don't know what I do, Ianto. *smirks but those green eyes darken*
[17:57] Ianto: Ianto: And you don't know me, Harkness.
[17:58] Jack: Jack: Oh, I know you well enough. Though I can't say I don't like the look. It's quite nice.
[17:59] Ianto: Ianto: *amused* What did you expect, three piece suits? This is Torchwood.
[18:00] Jack: Jack: Actually, considering that my Ianto stemmed from Torchwood One, yeah. He looks hot in a suit. But this, very nice look. *Yes, Ianto, Jack's checking you out. Deal with it*
[18:01] Ianto: Ianto: *is used to being checked out* Torchwood One's in ruins. Lumic made sure of that.
[18:02] Jack: Jack: *rolls his eyes* Alternate universes. Hate 'em for the switch around but love 'em for the hot bodies.
[18:10] Ianto: Ianto: *flatly* Oh, now I am flattered. What, you fancy yourself a charmer?
[18:10] Jack: Jack: You actually fancy yourself a leader? Because you're not.
[18:31] Ianto: Ianto: And you know this... how? *humouring him*
[18:31] Jack: Jack: Because I've got a /you/. And you're not quite leader material. Even here you're not.
[18:37] Ianto: Ianto: *his eyes flash* Well, sorry. I'll try harder next time, just for you. *and... shoots Jack cleanly through the chest*
[18:38] Jack: Jack: *well, at least it wasn't in the head... gets a flash of pain through his body before the wound closes up* Ow
[18:39] Ianto: Ianto: See, -now- I'm annoyed.
[18:39] Jack: Jack: Aww, poor you.
[18:40] Ianto: Ianto: Poor someone, at least. *shoots him through the head this time. twice*
[18:42] Jack: Jack: *his body falls back and it's a good couple of minutes, maybe a bit more before the wound closes up* I'm getting sick and tired of people shooting me in the head.
[18:50] Jack: Jack: *takes a bit, the wound closes again and he just lays there a moment before getting up and grabbing Ianto's wrist in a tight grip* I don't give a damn how sick and tired you are, you shoot me again and I'll shoot you and you won't get up like I do.
[18:52] Ianto: Ianto: You're good for stress relief, you know that?
[18:54] Jack: Jack: *his grip tightens, almost a bruising grip... yeah, we don't think Jack is worried about Ianto's so called team*
[18:57] Ianto: Ianto: *it's clear that Jack's hurting him, but he doesn't wince or cry out-- some things remain constant*
[19:03] Jack: Jack: *can tell that much but doesn't really give a damn, doesn't relish being shot and Ianto shot him more than once*
[19:23] Ianto: Suzie: *enters the tent* Ianto, we're just about ready to g-- *glances up and her eyes harden* What's going on here?
[19:24] Jack: Jack: Settling a problem.
[19:26] Ianto: Suzie: Right, well. That's a specialty of mine. *hello, Jack, this is an alien stun gun to your stomach*
[19:28] Jack: Jack: *its better than being shot in the chest and then shot in the head three times, though we doubt it makes him let go of Ianto right away even if that does hurt like hell*
[19:28] Ianto: Suzie: *does it again-- it probably gets worse the second time*
[19:29] Jack: *yeah, we're sure it gets worse each time and she's probably got to do it a few times before Jack lets go. Ianto probably has bruises*
[19:29] Ianto: Suzie: *she will*
[19:30] Ianto: Ianto: *Ianto can deal with bruises. when he pulls his hand away, he backhands Jack* Jack Harkness, meet Suzie Costello. I think she likes you.
[19:31] Jack: Jack: *is in a bit of pain, then again being backhanded doesn't help either* Had one of her at one point too. Killed the bitch.
[19:39] Ianto: Suzie: *smirk* Oh, now that's not nice. We haven't even met.
[19:43] Jack: Jack: No, see, I had a you in /my/ world. You were a bitch. Seems some things don't change.
[19:44] Ianto: Suzie: Nope. *stun gun*
[19:45] Ianto: Ianto: Well. Now that you two are getting along, Suzie, we're going to be escorting Captain Harkness back to the Hub.
[19:46] Jack: Jack: *glares at her through that* Through the tourist building or through the invisible lift? *lets agitate Ianto even more by knowing this stuff*
[19:46] Ianto: Ianto: Suzie.
[19:47] Ianto: Suzie: *stun gun!*
[19:47] Jack: Jack: Not even man enough to do your own dirty work. *is going to shut up now, really*
[19:49] Ianto: Ianto: *eyebrow* Suzie's enough of a man for both of us, aren't you, love? *pats her shoulder*
[19:50] Jack: Jack: *narrows his eyes slightly... yeah, this is a not too happy Captain... will be glad once he manages to get back home*
[19:58] Ianto: Suzie: *gives Ianto a grin* Flattery. I love it.
[19:58] Ianto: Ianto: *runs a hand across her hip as he moves past* And here I thought it was the Welsh vowels.
[19:59] Jack: Jack: *has gone quiet but those green eyes have hardened... oh yeah he's not happy at all*
[20:10] Ianto: Ianto: *will drive them back in the SUV-- Suzie will probably have Jack handcuffed with something that will shock him whenever a) he misbehaves and b) she feels like it*
[20:11] Jack: Jack: *is seriously annoyed by that because we're sure he's managed to get himself shocked quite a few times*
[21:37] Ianto: Suzie: *if he's misbehaving? then yes. and he's almost certainly misbehaving. they'll take him in through the garage* Watch your step, pretty boy.
[21:39] Jack: Jack: *well... he hardly ever comes through the garage but he's not missing a step. In fact, he's walking as if he knows every little step... every little nook within Torchwood Three and he shouldn't since they don't consider him Torchwood*
[22:03] Ianto: Ianto: *is annoyed by his cockiness and so shoves him forward a bit*
[22:05] Jack: Jack: *almost stumbles but not quite, sorry Ianto... you're not getting the satisfaction*
[22:42] Ianto: Ianto: *shoves him harder, so that it's less of a shove and more of a push*
[22:45] Jack: Jack: *wasn't prepared for that, ends up stumbling onto to catch himself when his knees hit the ground*
[22:54] Ianto: Suzie: Don't say I didn't warn you.
[22:59] Jack: Jack: Go to hell, Costello.
[23:20] Ianto: Suzie: Sorry, I've already been to Cardiff.
[23:21] Ianto: Ianto: *nudges Jack with a boot* Not a bad look for you, Captain.
[23:22] Jack: Jack: *those green eyes glare at Ianto* It's a better look on you.
[02:04] Ianto: Ianto: *amused* You'd have to ask Suzie.
[02:05] Jack: Jack: *and if Ianto's paying attention there's a flash in those green eyes, pure unadultered anger at the mention of 'ask Suzie'*
[02:15] Ianto: Ianto: *he's definitely paying attention* Oh, I think he's jealous.
[02:17] Jack: Jack: Oh no, it isn't jealousy. *Ianto would just have to figure out /why/ its angering Jack*
[02:24] Ianto: Suzie: *cheerfully* I wonder which of us it is.
[02:25] Jack: Jack: Wouldn't you like to know.
[02:26] Ianto: Suzie: Eh. I think it's you. He's not my type.
[02:27] Jack: Jack: *isn't saying a word even if that might give something away*
[02:28] Ianto: Suzie: *blossoming grin* Oh, it -is- you! And I don't think it was just a shag.
[02:32] Jack: Jack: I don't know, Suzie, you're a fine piece of ass yourself.
[02:33] Ianto: Suzie: Aw, Harkness, didn't know you cared.
[02:33] Jack: Jack: Never said I cared. Just that you were a fine piece of ass.
[02:34] Ianto: Suzie: *nods to Ianto* What about him, then?
[02:37] Jack: Jack: *deadpans and there's so much seriousness in those green eyes* He's my world.
[02:39] Ianto: Suzie: Well, he's also a fine piece of ass. *is enjoying this*
[02:41] Jack: Jack: *and at those words Suzie would suddenly find herself flat on her back, hey... he doesn't need his hands to hurt the bitch* You'll watch your tongue.
[02:45] Ianto: Ianto: *and Jack will find a knife at his throat* You want to keep yours?
[02:47] Jack: Jack: *well... this was certainly a fucked up development* I'd prefer to keep it, yeah.
[02:52] Ianto: Ianto: *wink* So would I.
[02:54] Jack: Jack: *blinks... okay, yeah, he's got a knife at his thoat and here he's got this leader of Torchwood saying something like that... what the fuck?! confused Captain much?*
[02:55] Ianto: Ianto: *...maybe a little too familiar, Jack?*
[02:55] Ianto: Ianto: *cuts his throat just enough to draw blood, not enough to kill* Suzie. No touchy.
[02:57] Jack: Jack: *yeah, just a little too familiar... feels the slight bit of blood but luckily his wounds close up... which will keep happening unless this Torchwood finds a way to stop it. Yeah... is Jack meant to acknowledge what Ianto just said? He wasn't sure*
[03:07] Ianto: Ianto: *pats his head before moving away*
[03:08] Jack: Jack: *makes a slight face at that but wouldn't he have to move in order to let Suzie up?*
[03:12] Ianto: Ianto: *keeps a grip on Jack as Suzie stands up-- and she immediately gives him a good shock for that*
[03:14] Jack: Jack: *and OW! damnit... sorry son of a... okay, he really needed to play around with his wrist brace and find a way back home*
[03:28] Ianto: Ianto: Now. I'm going to leave you in the capable hands of my lovely pet. *smirks at Suzie* Don't worry, I won't wait up.
[03:28] Jack: Jack: *is really starting to hate the damn universe... he really is*
[03:28] Ianto: Suzie: *smirks back* Oh, do. *and drags Jack off to the cells*
[03:30] Jack: Jack: *once he's alone in his cell... well, this is a new concept... but either way he opens up the wrist brace and pushes a few buttons—but manages to send his alternate self back to the Hub instead*
[20:03] Ianto: Ianto: *will be alerted to Jack's life sign appearing in the Hub and come down to check it out-- he's armed, but wearing a charcoal suit and pleasantly mild*
[20:08] Jack: James: *raises a slight brow at the attire because /that/ does not look like something that his boss would wear. the being armed part he's used to though*
[20:10] Ianto: Ianto: *hesitates at the front of the cell and looks in at James* Sir?
[20:11] Jack: James: *doesn't quite answer to that... after all, that's what they call his boss not him*
[20:13] Ianto: Ianto: *takes in James's less-than-familiar outfit (no braces ;____;)* *little more forcefully* Jack?
[20:15] Jack: James: No, sir. *is in a pair of leather pants, tight black shirt and leather jacket... what can he say, the boss hasn't complained yet*
[20:18] Ianto: Ianto: *don't get us wrong, Ianto likes the outfit-- he's just confused, because Jack's never worn anything like it before* *blinks at the 'sir' more than the 'no'* No... what?
[20:19] Jack: James: I said no, sir.
[20:20] Ianto: Ianto: *clears his throat* Perhaps I ought to call Owen.
[20:20] Jack: James: *frowns at that* He's dead.
[20:21] Ianto: Ianto: *eyebrowquirk* He wasn't when I delivered his coffee.
[20:21] Jack: James: You sure you're alright, sir? I'd think you'd remember executing him.
[20:22] Ianto: Ianto: I-- *slightsputter-- bet you've never seen the boss sputter* Executions are hardly part of my job description. Owen is fine.
[20:23] Jack: James: *no, he's never seen his boss sputter... that's just not an Ianto thing to do* No, he's not.
[20:24] Jack: Jack: *realizes something went wrong and curses under his breath... this wasn't good*
[20:26] Ianto: Ianto: *headset* Owen? *pause* Owen? *checks his watch* ...Right. Probably out for the day. *looks at James* All right, what's going on?
[20:27] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *appears in front of Jack's cell, looking very angry indeed* You.
[20:28] Jack: James: I'd like to know that too, sir. I'm not sure what's going on.
[20:28] Jack: Jack: *watches alt!Ianto* What about me?
[20:28] Ianto: Ianto: *a little flustered but curious* Why do you keep calling me sir?
[20:30] Ianto: alt!Ianto: James has disappeared.
[20:32] Jack: James: It's what you call the man you work for. But you don't seem to be him. Everything about you is all wrong.
[20:32] Jack: Jack: And that concerns me how?
[20:35] Ianto: Ianto: You... work for -me-?
[20:35] Ianto: alt!Ianto: You tell me. You have his face. You're awfully bad at infiltration, Harkness, if that's your game.
[20:36] Jack: James: Where I'm from, yes, sir. I do.
[20:36] Jack: Jack: *raises a brow* It isn't my game. I just want to get back home. Nothing more.
[21:48] Ianto: Ianto: *puts his hands on his hips, a little nervously* I see.
[21:48] Ianto: alt!Ianto: "Nothing more." I don't believe you-- what have you done with James? We have reports of an energy signal that coincides with his disappearance.
[21:56] Jack: James: *goes quiet and sits back in his cell, the posture a bit more carefree than Jack's*
[21:56] Jack: Jack: I didn't do a damn thing to the guy.
[23:37] Ianto: Ianto: *watches him, eyes narrowing a bit* I need to test you for retcon.
[23:38] Ianto: alt!Ianto: I think you did. And I think you're going to tell me before I give Suzie her annual bonus a little early.
[23:39] Jack: James: I don't have retcon in my system. *he might move back just a little at the sight of Owen though... especially since the man is meant to be dead*
[23:39] Jack: Jack: Right, I'm going to do something to a guy I don't even know? I don't think so. You lost him, you find him.
[23:46] Ianto: Ianto: *to Owen* There you are.
[23:46] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *all coldness* Give me your wrist computer.
[23:49] Jack: Owen: *gives a nod to Ianto* What'd you need?
[23:50] Jack: Jack: *glares at him but takes the wrist brace off* Kind of hard to do with you on the other side of the glass.
[23:51] Ianto: Ianto: Blood test. *to James* Go on. Introduce yourself to Owen.
[23:52] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *glares back* Step to the back of the cell.
[23:53] Jack: Owen: A blood test on Jack? Speaking of why is he... *stares at James a moment* Okay, may that isn't Jack.
[23:53] Jack: James: James Harper. I don't know a Jack.
[23:54] Jack: Jack: *steps towards the back of the cell*
[00:46] Ianto: Ianto: *gives Owen a look* Can you tell me for certain if this isn't Jack? Medically, I mean?
[00:46] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *opens the cell, gun trained on Jack, and reaches down for the wrist device* Flash.
[00:50] Jack: Owen: Long as I've got a blood sample, yeah.
[00:50] Jack: Jack: *blinks* What?
[00:52] Ianto: alt!Ianto: It's flash. And a bit ahead of your time. And if it's alien... *gives him a smirk* Wonder what else you have on you.
[00:53] Ianto: Ianto: Right. Go on, then.
[00:56] Jack: Jack: No, actually, it isn't ahead of my time. Hell, you don't even /know/ my time.
[00:57] Jack: Owen: *gives a slight nod before going in and getting a sample and walking back out of the cell* Someone explain to me why that guy acts like he's scared of me. *it was a bit unsettling*
[01:00] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *over his headset* Toshiko? Grab one of James's scanners and meet me in the cells. *to Jack* As much fun as a cavity search would be.
[01:01] Ianto: Ianto: *hesitant* He claims your alternate self is dead.
[01:06] Jack: Jack: Aww. Afraid of something? *rolls his eyes even as he hears Tosh come down and hand the scanner to Ianto*
[01:06] Jack: Owen: Well... that's, alright then. I'll be back. *heads off to test the blood sample*
[01:07] Ianto: Ianto: *quietly, as he goes* Sorry.
[01:11] Jack: James: *watches the interaction between the two* He's tame compared to the one I knew.
[01:12] Ianto: Ianto: *dryly* Frightening.
[01:14] Jack: alt!Tosh: *hands the scanner to her boss but keeps an eye on Jack as well just in case he tries anything funny*
[01:15] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Good girl, Toshiko. *moves over to scan Jack completely-- any other toys?*
[01:16] Jack: Jack: Oh, so your people are dogs now. Interesting. *of course there's other toys... and, of course, they're alien tech. after all, they were things he hadn't gotten to Ianto yet*
[02:20] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *he'll grab the tech from Jack's pockets with none of real!Ianto's grace* Toshiko is a good girl.
[02:24] Jack: Jack: She's not a dog like her boss at least.
[02:24] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *presses a gun into his chest. again* How stupid -are- you?
[02:26] Jack: Jack: Well, I don't know. Being on top of an invisible ship in the middle of the London Blitz...
[02:27] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Pretty damn stupid.
[02:31] Jack: Jack: Actually, that was fun. What with me, Rose and the Doctor and all.
[17:50] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *pushes him back a bit* Doctor?
[17:51] Jack: Jack: That's what I said.
[18:25] Jack: Owen: *comes back with the blood sample, gives a look towards Ianto then towards James still in the cell*
[18:25] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Talk.
[18:26] Ianto: Ianto: *looks at Owen, coolly, and moves a bit away from the cell* *quietly* Anything?
[18:28] Jack: Jack: About what?
[18:28] Jack: Owen: This definitely isn't Jack. Completely different person.
[21:46] Ianto: Ianto: *nod* I'm relieved. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't.
[21:47] Ianto: alt!Ianto: The Doctor. We have records, too, you know.
[21:47] Jack: Jack: What makes you think I'd tell you about him?
[21:48] Jack: Owen: *nods* Now just to find Jack.
[21:50] Ianto: Ianto: *turns to James* *tries sound commanding* What do you know about Jack?
[21:53] Jack: James: I don't even know a Jack
[21:57] Ianto: Ianto: Is it possible they were exchanged? *only half to Owen*
[21:57] Ianto: alt!Ianto: It'll be less painful.
[21:57] Jack: Owen: It's quite possible.
[21:57] Jack: Jack: Sorry, I don't give up information on those I care for.
[21:58] Ianto: alt!Ianto: You care for him. That's a start.
[22:01] Jack: Jack: Why don't you run along and play with your dogs. *only way alt!Ianto will get him to spill about the Doctor is if he's drugged*
[22:02] Ianto: Ianto: Hm. *purses lips*
[22:02] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Or I could along and let my dogs play with you.
[22:03] Ianto: *run along
[22:04] Jack: Owen: Maybe we should monitor the Rift. See where the world split to allow this to happen?
[22:04] Jack: Jack: I'm not giving you or them anything.
[22:06] Ianto: Ianto: *nod* Get Tosh on it.
[22:09] Jack: Owen: *gives a slight nod and heads off talking to Tosh and getting her to work on seeing if there was a split somewhere... if they didn't get to Jack he was going to kill them.*
[22:12] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Do you know what sodium pentathol is, Harkness?
[22:14] Jack: Jack: Yeah, I know what it is.
[22:16] Ianto: alt!Ianto: It's -nothing- compared to what we have.
[22:16] Ianto: Ianto: *sticks his hands in his pockets and watches James*
[22:17] Jack: James: This Jack of yours... he doesn't cause trouble does he? *manages to stay out of trouble! for good reason*
[22:18] Jack: Jack: Right... if you say so, Jones.
[22:19] Ianto: Ianto: What sorts of trouble?
[22:20] Jack: James: Any sort of trouble. My boss isn't exactly the tolerant sort. He shoots before asking questions. Most of the times.
[22:21] Ianto: Ianto: Your boss being... me?
[22:21] Jack: James: Yes, but you're nothing like him.
[22:22] Ianto: Ianto: No, I imagine I'm not.
[22:22] Jack: James: And you two definitely don't dress the same either.
[22:22] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *gleeful* Tosh! Time for an interrogation. My favourite.
[22:22] Ianto: Ianto: ...what does he wear? *not sure he wants to know*
[22:23] Jack: James: Black mostly. Leather jacket, shades and his hair is spikey.
[22:23] Ianto: Ianto: How unprofessional.
[22:24] Jack: alt!Tosh: *walks down to her boss holds up the injector which holds a colorless liquid* Take it you'll be needing this then? *smirks*
[22:24] Jack: James: Is your boss professional then?
[22:24] Ianto: Ianto: Well. I guess you could say-- well.
[22:25] Ianto: alt!Ianto: You're beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. And you always know how to make me happy. *points* Inject him.
[22:26] Jack: James: I take that to mean that he isn't?
[22:27] Jack: alt!Tosh: *since there's a gun to Jack's chest anyways, goes over and injects him being none too gentle about it*
[22:27] Ianto: Ianto: He's very good at his job.
[22:27] Ianto: alt!Ianto: I love it when you do that.
[22:29] Jack: James: But does he cause trouble? As I asked before.
[22:29] Jack: alt!Tosh: Of course you do, sir. *smiles* Would you like to be left alone with him now?
[22:30] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Yes. You can watch on the CCTV, if you've been good.
[22:30] Ianto: Ianto: No.
[22:33] Jack: alt!Tosh: *smirks* You know I have. *turns and leaves the two alone together*
[22:33] Jack: James: And you're sure of this?
[22:35] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *turns back to Jack* Fan-tast-ic girl, my Toshiko.
[22:36] Jack: Jack: A dog like the rest of your boys and girls. *not that he knows how alt!Ianto is around this James character*
[22:37] Ianto: Ianto: You don't sound as if you believe me.
[22:38] Ianto: alt!Ianto: They suit my purposes. They do their jobs; I reward them.
[22:38] Jack: James: I don't, actually.
[22:38] Jack: Jack: With what? Sex? Being a whore?
[22:40] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *smirk* Sometimes.
[22:40] Ianto: Ianto: Why's that?
[22:42] Jack: Jack: Glad I'm not you. I'd never reward my team that way.
[22:42] Jack: James: It's in your eyes.
[22:43] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Sex is very effective.
[22:45] Jack: Jack: Do you give it to your boytoy that looks like me too?
[22:46] Ianto: alt!Ianto: What makes you think he's my boytoy?
[22:47] Jack: Jack: The rest of 'em seem to be your toys why not him too?
[22:47] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Just because your Ianto is yours...
[22:47] Ianto: Ianto: He's not trouble.
[22:48] Jack: Jack: He's not my boytoy. He's my friend and lover.
[22:48] Jack: James: Then why isn't he back yet?
[22:49] Ianto: Ianto: I don't know.
[22:49] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Friend and lover. *snicker* You expect me to believe you're some sort of romantic.
[22:52] Jack: James: It's because he was stupid and got himself caught.
[22:52] Jack: Jack: I am, actually.
[22:55] Ianto: Ianto: Rather like you.
[22:56] Jack: James: I didn't get caught. I just appeared in a cell.
[22:56] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Ah. Well. It's a shame. James is one of my favourites. Joins me and Suzie sometimes.
[22:57] Jack: Jack: *okay, yeah... he didn't want to hear that* If he was one of your favorites you wouldn't share him.
[22:59] Ianto: alt!Ianto: More fun with three.
[23:03] Jack: Jack: Naw. Gets boring that way. *although there would've been a time where he would've agreed*
[23:05] Ianto: alt!Ianto: You've obviously not been doing it right.
[23:05] Jack: Jack: I do it right every night. *smirks* I was doing it right while even in my own century. *not that this guy knows what century he's from*
[00:08] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *leans forward, near purr* And which century would that be?
[00:10] Jack: Jack: *pulls back even if that isn't easy since he's against the wall anyways* 51st
[00:10] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Mmm. *eyes him* Isn't that interesting. Why are you in the 21st?
[00:11] Jack: Jack: Maybe because its a fun century to be in. *is biting his tongue because he's not going to mention that he was a Time Agent or at least he's trying to resist whatever drug was used on him*
[00:14] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Somehow I doubt that. Go on. Tell me, why are you here, Jack Harkness?
[00:16] Jack: Jack: A Time Agent doesn't need a reason. *Yeah, we're sure Jack wants to hurt these people... a LOT*
[00:17] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *licks lips* Time Agent. Now that sounds fascinating.
[00:19] Jack: Jack: It's boring and dull and lands you all over the damn place. Especially after they dissect your memories.
[00:24] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Mmhmm. Tell me about your Doctor.
[00:25] Jack: Jack: *bites his tongue pretty damn hard on that one especially since he won't betray the Doctor*
[00:25] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *low* Tell me.
[00:26] Jack: Jack: *through gritted teeth* No
[00:28] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *purrs, Welsh vowels, etc* Tell me, Jack.
[00:29] Jack: Jack: *nope... lets annoy the alt!Ianto a bit because Jack, on the subject of the Doctor, is still resisting... although he could feel the damn drug wearing him down and he didn't like it*
[00:40] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *kisses him* The Doctor...
[00:42] Jack: Jack: *makes a face at alt!Ianto, sorry guy you're kisses aren't anything compared to the real thing* He's an alien. *and this is where the voice in his head is going 'Shit!' And wishing like hell his team would hurry the hell up and get him out of there before he said too much*
[00:44] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *raises an eyebrow; this, at least, might look familiar* And yet you love him. That makes you... a traitor to Torchwood?
[00:45] Jack: Jack: *glares* I'm not a traitor. *Okay... so Torchwood captures aliens and their tech... but he'd never do that to the Doctor*
[00:50] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Mm. But you are, and I wish you were mine. We enjoy traitors. *pause* Now. What sort of alien?
[00:55] Jack: Jack: *grinds out* I don't know.
[00:56] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Oh, but you -do-.
[00:57] Jack: Jack: I don't.
[01:06] Ianto: alt!Ianto: You want to tell me... I know you can feel it.
[01:08] Jack: Jack: *glares* He's Gallifreyan. *yep, really wants to die now*
[01:20] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *kisses him again* What does he do?
[01:23] Jack: Jack: *grits his teeth and shoves alt!Ianto away* Travels through time. *Oh yeah... he was going to kick his team's butt. They weren't working fast enough for him*
[01:24] Ianto: Ianto: *is back quickly, gun pressed into Jack's throat* How about that. Go on.
[01:25] Ianto: *alt!Ianto
[01:29] Jack: Jack: *well... this was going to be fun* He has a TARDIS.
[01:31] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Which does... what?
[01:31] Jack: Jack: Travels through space.
[01:32] Ianto: alt!Ianto: *eyes flash with interest* How can I find him?
[01:32] Jack: Jack: You don't.
[01:33] Ianto: Ianto: *is just watching James* *headset* Tosh, any luck on the Rift?
[01:33] Ianto: alt!Ianto: That's no fun at all.
[01:33] Jack: Tosh: *gotta love the headset* I found the rip.
[01:33] Jack: Jack: Too bad
[01:34] Ianto: alt!Ianto: But we were just getting to know eachother...
[01:35] Ianto: Ianto: Brilliant, Tosh. Remind me to buy you dinner. Can we get this cleared up?
[01:35] Jack: Tosh: Give me a few more minutes and we can get Jack back.
[01:36] Jack: Jack: Too bad.
[01:39] Ianto: Ianto: ASAP. From the sound of things, he's not going to be having much fun.
[01:40] Ianto: alt!Ianto: You know, I'm getting the feeling that you don't like me.
[01:41] Jack: Tosh: Working on it.
[01:41] Jack: Jack: I don't like you.
[01:44] Ianto: Ianto: *cuts the connection to let her concentrate*
[01:46] Ianto: alt!Ianto: Pity. And here you seem to like my other self. More than like...?
[01:48] Jack: Jack: I told you. He's my friend and lover.
[01:57] Jack: Tosh: We've got it, Ianto. You might want to stand by while we recieve Jack.
[02:00] Ianto: Ianto: Understood. Proceed.
[02:01] Jack: Tosh: *will proceed on getting them Jack back!*
[02:06] Ianto: alt!Ianto: So you did. And it's truly heartwarming. Heartwarming and just a little bit irritating. *will move the gun up and shoot him in the head?*
[02:09] Jack: Jack: *will end up unconcious and obviously having been shot... when he ends up in the cell and we're sure that James has suddenly ended up dropped right at alt!Ianto's feet*
[02:20] Ianto: Ianto: *and Ianto immediately has the cell open and has dropped to his knees beside Jack* *headset* Dammit, Owen, get the hell down here.
[02:23] Jack: Owen: *doesn't even bother contacting Ianto back just heads down to the cell* Shit. *moves to help Jack*
[02:25] Ianto: Ianto: *shifts out of Owen's way, but stays close to Jack*
[02:32] Jack: Owen: *gets Jack patched up and lets Ianto take Jack off to their boss' quarters*
[02:41] Ianto: Ianto: *and he will-- he'll get Jack to his quarters, lay him down, and fuss over him as much as he can while the other man's unconcious-- stripping him down to his underclothes, getting water and paracetamol, and just-- fussing*
[02:46] Jack: Jack: *green eyes open and, yeah, this would be him staring at Ianto for the moment*
[02:47] Ianto: Ianto: *sees his eyes open and perches at the side of the bed* Hello.
[02:50] Jack: Jack: *doesn't quite answer Ianto and there might be a tenseness there that's rather evident... and at the same time the captain pulls away a bit. putting a little distance between them... no, he probably hasn't realized he's home yet*
[02:51] Ianto: Ianto: *...oh. he remembers what James said about his boss and shifts back a bit, also to give Jack space* *gently* Jack, it's just me.
[02:54] Jack: Jack: *lets his eyes roam over Ianto a bit noting the suit and just the way the Welshman holds himself... is like that for a few moments before visibly relaxing*
[02:58] Ianto: Ianto: *doesn't move closer but just offers his hand* Welcome back, Alice.
[02:59] Jack: Jack: *doesn't at first but eventually takes Ianto's hand* Fell quite a ways down that rabbit hole.
[02:59] Ianto: Ianto: *squeezes it gently* We had a visitor here as well.
[03:01] Jack: Jack: James?
[03:03] Ianto: Ianto: James. It was-- quite enlightening.
[03:03] Jack: Jack: It was?
[03:06] Ianto: Ianto: *quietly* Not in a good way. I'm resisting the urge to grab you and never let go.
[03:07] Jack: Jack: I don't think I'd object to that. As long as I don't get shot again. I think I've managed to get shot over four or five times in one day.
[03:12] Ianto: Ianto: *tenses and closes his eyes, but then they're open and he's lying down next to Jack* I'm sorry. It was me, wasn't it?
[03:13] Jack: Jack: *looks at Ianto before giving a small nod* Yeah... it was. But there's a ton of differences between you and him.
[03:15] Ianto: Ianto: *puts an arm around him and kisses his cheek* Apparently. James seemed disappointed.
[03:17] Jack: Jack: That's because the man sleeps with his boss and Suzie.
[03:22] Ianto: Ianto: *...* At the same time?
[03:22] Jack: Jack: *deadpans* Yes
[03:23] Ianto: Ianto: *groan* For the record, sir, no.
[03:24] Jack: Jack: Well, at least you've not slept with the entire team. He's slept with his entire team.
[03:25] Ianto: Ianto: I've only slept with you. I only -want- to sleep with you.
[03:26] Jack: Jack: That's good to know. *lets his eyes close* The Doctor is gonna kill me.
[03:27] Ianto: Ianto: *comforting nuzzle* What happened?
[03:27] Jack: Jack: I told him about the Doctor. Or at least that he was alien, what kind he was... *frowns* Damn truth serum.
[03:28] Ianto: Ianto: He'd understand. They-- tortured you, it sounds like.
[03:30] Jack: Jack: *opens his eyes a bit* There's only so long you can fight a drug that long. *makes a face* He kissed me too. Told me too bad I wasn't his. Torture seems to be their game.
[03:33] Ianto: Ianto: *keeps himself from shuddering, barely* And I know about Owen-- But we're Torchwood; they're not. You're mine, not his-- I won't kiss you until you're ready.
[03:33] Jack: Jack: Except they are Torchwood, Ianto.
[03:35] Ianto: Ianto: You know what I mean.
[03:37] Jack: Jack: He said I was a traitor to Torchwood.
[03:41] Ianto: Ianto: *winces. for several different reasons* You're all Torchwood has.
[03:43] Jack: Jack: *raises a brow* How do you figure?
[03:43] Ianto: Ianto: Look at the rest of us.
[03:44] Jack: Jack: You all make up the whole of Torchwood, Ianto.
[03:46] Ianto: Ianto: You're not a traitor. You keep us-- here. From losing ourselves.
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