Warren Worthington III (amutantangel) wrote in ds_loggage,
Warren Worthington III

STOP! Dalek time!

[21:51] WarrenW: *wanders in*

[21:51] NinthDoctor: *leans back and sips tea*

[21:51] Rose: *in the kitchen!*

[21:52] WarrenW: *wanders kitchenwards then!* *wings are not visible or anything*

[21:53] Boone: *waves at Warren* Coffee? I need someone to side against these tea-drinkers.

[21:53] WarrenW: *waves back* Only if it's decaf.

[21:54] Rose: Well I'm British, what do you expect?

[21:54] Boone: It is.
[21:55] Boone: *makes a face at Rose* There's a -reason- we threw tea into Boston Harbor.

[21:55] NinthDoctor: *grins* I was there, you know./

[21:55] WarrenW: Good. *grin* Caffiene and I don't mix well. *imagine an almost six-foot tall hummingbird* *goes to pour himself a cup*

[21:55] NinthDoctor: *no /

[21:55] Boone: You were?

[21:55] WarrenW: *gives the Doc an odd look over his shoulder at that, but doesn't comment*

[21:56] NinthDoctor: I was. *nodnod* Was quite the cause.

[21:56] Boone: *hey, we are used to polar bears. And random hatches. Nothing fazes us anymore*
[21:56] Boone: I bet it was.

[21:57] Rose: And yet you always end up in England. *oddlooks him*

[21:57] NinthDoctor: *grins and drains his teacup*

[21:57] Metaltron: *How does a Dalek enter a chatroom? I'll show you how!* EX-TER-MIN-ATE! EX-TER-MIN-ATE! *--like that*

[21:57] Rose: *in the kitchen!*

[21:57] WarrenW: *wanders back to the table sipping his coffe and ---dudewtf O_O*

[21:58] Boone: *like a really bad joke? :D*

[21:58] NinthDoctor: *..../freezes/*

[21:58] Boone: .....

[21:58] WarrenW: ....What's that...?

[21:58] Boone: What the -hell- is going on.

[21:58] Metaltron: *like a -really- bad joke! or a a very cute, very emo pepperpot alien*

[21:58] NinthDoctor: It's a Dalek. *glower! reaches for the sonic screwdriver*

[21:59] Boone: *O_o*

[21:59] WarrenW: ......Right, that explains so much. *o_O*

[21:59] NinthDoctor: *igifufy* Well it /should/!

[21:59] WarrenW: What's a Dalek? And what does it want to exterminate?

[21:59] Metaltron: *glides a bit closer to the Doctor, limbs flailing, screeching* THE DOC-TOR!

[22:00] NinthDoctor: Anyone. Everyone. *steps forward defiantly* Here I am.

[22:01] Rose: *....resists a facepalm*

[22:01] Boone: *O____O*

[22:01] AnthonyFremont: *o_O*

[22:01] Rose: *is probably the calmest one here*

[22:01] Metaltron: *who has a twitchy gunstalk! the Metaltron has a twitchy gunstalk!* YOU WILL D-I-I-I-E!

[22:01] WarrenW: *fiddles nervously with his coat, because if things go all to hell the wings might help in a fight...or getting away...*

[22:01] Boone: *typist'd, boo!*

[22:02] AnthonyFremont: Shut up, you're annoying.

[22:02] NinthDoctor: *looks to Anthony* Don't provoke it.

[22:02] AnthonyFremont: I'm not afraid.

[22:03] NinthDoctor: You should be.

[22:03] AnthonyFremont: No, I shouldn't.
[22:03] AnthonyFremont: I could make it go on fire if I wanted. I could turn it into a tea kettle.

[22:03] Metaltron: *makes a very admirable turn and fires in Anthony's general direction-- whatever's standing behind him'll just be atomized now, kthx*

[22:03] AnthonyFremont: *BAD IDEA*

[22:03] Metaltron: *IS A DALEK*

[22:04] WarrenW: *O____O*

[22:04] AnthonyFremont: You'll /PAY/ for that.

[22:04] NinthDoctor: *grabs Anthony*

[22:04] AnthonyFremont: Hey!

[22:04] NinthDoctor: Rose, take the kid and get out.

[22:04] AnthonyFremont: I can make it go away!

[22:04] Rose: Dickens: *look! It's a KITTEN!*

[22:05] AnthonyFremont: *isn't good with small animals*
[22:05] AnthonyFremont: *once made a rat eat itself from the tail up, just cause he was bored*

[22:05] Rose: Doctor, honestly. *scoops up her kitten and moves infront of the Metaltron*

[22:06] WarrenW: Uh, I don't think you should do that... *to Rose*

[22:06] Metaltron: ENEMIES OF THE DALEKS WILL BE DES-TROYED. *eyestalk's still focused on Anthony, oh yes it is*

[22:06] AnthonyFremont: *BITES HIS THUMB AT THE DALEK*

[22:06] NinthDoctor: Rose! *passes Anthony off to Warren and moves towards her*

[22:07] Metaltron: *OH NO YOU DIN'T. ... er. rolls closer*

[22:07] WarrenW: *grabs the kid and goes for the door*

[22:07] Metaltron: EX-TER-MIN-ATE!

[22:07] AnthonyFremont: Let me go or I'll set you on fire!

[22:08] WarrenW: Just don't antagonize the thing, okay kid? *still towards the door*

[22:08] Rose: Hey. *to the Metaltron, softly* What's all this about?

[22:09] AnthonyFremont: Let me goooooo!

[22:11] House: (Sorry, I'm back)

[22:11] WarrenW: *assumably gets to the door* Just get out of here, alright? Before you get shot. Or whatever that thing is doing.

[22:11] House: ... what the hell.

[22:11] Metaltron: *twitchy gunstalk* THE COWARD IS HERE.

[22:12] AnthonyFremont: *really, really wants to wish the Dalek away to the cornfield now*

[22:12] House: Coward?

[22:13] NinthDoctor: *brandishes his sonic screwdriver at the Metaltron*

[22:13] Rose: *...is not amused*

[22:14] WarrenW: *will put Anthony down and attempt keep him out of the kitchen while he shuts the door to keep anyone else from getting in*

[22:14] AnthonyFremont: *but so as not to be too godmodish, here, Dalek, have a box of Cheez-Its chucked at you instead by way of mind powerz*

[22:14] Metaltron: *... atomizes the box of Cheez-its. :D :D :D :D :D*

[22:14] WarrenW: *O_O at atomizing*

[22:15] NinthDoctor: ......*what did the cheez-its ever do to you!?*

[22:15] House: ... oh holy /shit/! *O_O*

[22:15] Metaltron: ... *they EXISTED!*

[22:17] WarrenW: *closes the door and stands back against it, not really looking whether Anthony is out or in* What the /hell/ is going on?

[22:17] NinthDoctor: Everyone /out/.

[22:17] House: Screw that, I wanna watch.

[22:17] AnthonyFremont: You're a bad robot! You're a VERY bad robot!

[22:18] NinthDoctor: *inner!flails and points the sonic screwdriver at House*

[22:18] House: Is this a stick up or are you just happy to see me?

[22:19] WarrenW: Shit- Kid I thought I told you to get out of here!

[22:19] NinthDoctor: *...* Stupid apes.

[22:20] WarrenW: *grabs Anthony and attempts to carry him out, and whatever Anthony decides to do about it short of cornfields is fine*

[22:20] Metaltron: *aaaand eyestalk back to Anthony. good thing Daleks can't get whiplash* YOU ARE A VER-Y BAD HUMAN.

[22:20] House: That's damn dirty ape to you.

[22:20] AnthonyFremont: LET ME GO! *ohmygoodness Warren, your wings are on fire*

[22:21] AnthonyFremont: *unless...wait. I don't know. something's on fire, doesn't have to be his wings*

[22:21] NinthDoctor: *....STARES at House and turns his attention to the Dalek*

[22:21] House: *leans against a wall to watch*

[22:21] AnthonyFremont: *and the Dalek is probably having tons of things in the kitchen being thrown at it with mind powerz now*

[22:22] Rose: *ducking at this because WTF ;_;*

[22:22] Metaltron: *atomizes! this could get messy* STAY WHERE YOU ARE. DO NOT MOVE.

[22:22] WarrenW: *muffled scream of pain, rips off his coat and tries to put out the fire*

[22:22] NinthDoctor: YOU ARE DEAD. WHY AREN'T YOU DEAD?!

[22:23] House: *-- friend is on fire!* *or -- person who doesn't hate him* *rushes over as fast as a cripple can rush*

[22:23] WarrenW: *he's going to be feeling that one in the morning* *it buuuurns*




[22:24] House: *grabs Warren's jacket and tries to smothers the flames*

[22:24] Rose: *darts to help Warren, leaving the Dalek free to terrorize the Doctor*

[22:24] Metaltron: *ahahaha, victory!~*

[22:25] WarrenW: *we'll assume that works and it's out* *ow ow ow ow ow...* *tries to get his mostly burned shirt off, and the harness* *so yeah, toasty wings and burned feathers /everywhere/*

[22:25] NinthDoctor: *...gee. Thanks.* The Daleks are all gone. You begged to be killed. You died. *pointedly ignoring his question, because he doesn't know why he lived ;_;*

[22:26] House: Dammit kid... *to Rose* Go find me bandages and antibacterial ointment. *digs out a washcloth and starts cleaning off his wings*

[22:26] WarrenW: *hisses in pain and just tries to hold still* Thanks...

[22:27] Rose: Right! *pulls out her TARDIS key and is off to the medical bay! :D*

[22:28] Metaltron: *screechy screechy* I DID NOT DIE.

[22:29] AnthonyFremont: I WISH YOU WOULD.

[22:29] NinthDoctor: *you know that manic grin he gets?* Yup. You did. It was pathetic.

[22:31] Metaltron: *you know that-- well, okay, Daleks don't do facial expressions, but this is one is giving the Doctor a look far too intense for a normal Dalek* I DID NOT DIE. I AM A DALEK. WE ARE SUPERIOR.

[22:31] House: Hey kid, want to be useful instead of shouting? *kicks at Anthony*

[22:31] NinthDoctor: Keep telling yourself that.
[22:31] AnthonyFremont: *BAD IDEA*
[22:32] AnthonyFremont: *why look, House! your pants leg might be on fire. a little*

[22:32] Rose: *returns with medical supplies!*

[22:32] House: Get me ice. A lot of ice. Okay? ... *sighs and uses the coat to put his leg out*

[22:33] AnthonyFremont: Why should I?
[22:33] Rose: Please get him ice?
[22:33] Rose: Come on, we'll go together.

[22:33] House: Respect your elders. Get the damn ice.

[22:33] Metaltron: WE ARE SUPERIOR. *-- a beat, a pause, a change in pronouns* I. AM. SUPERIOR.

[22:33] NinthDoctor: You're dead.

[22:33] AnthonyFremont: I don't have to listen to you.

[22:33] WarrenW: *incredulous look* ....You do realize that you're ordering around a kid who set us both on fire.

[22:34] House: Fine, the girl can get the ice. *starts applying the ointment*

[22:34] Rose: My name is Rose. *goes to get ice*

[22:35] NinthDoctor: *is staring down a Dalek, Rose, get your pet under control*

[22:35] WarrenW: *grits his teeth and tries not to flinch*

[22:36] Metaltron: I AM *really shrieky-- you know the voice* ALIVE.
[22:36] NinthDoctor: Not for long.

[22:37] House: Where the hell is my ice?

[22:38] Rose: I AM WORKING AS FAST AS I CAN. *returns*

[22:38] House: WELL WORK /FASTER/ OKAY?

[22:38] Rose: HE ISN'T DYING YOU KNOW. And ice isn't good on burns /anyways/.

[22:39] House: Do you have a better idea?

[22:40] Rose: Warm water.

[22:41] House: (Mun is not a doctor ;_;)

[22:41] Rose: [XD Rose isn't either. I'm not right, I don't think. It's sunburn logic. Draw out the heat with more heat.]

[22:41] House: (*logs on to webmd*)

[22:42] Metaltron: [*predictable joke about Doctors*]

[22:42] WarrenW: (I think you're right, actually. I think that's what you're supposed to do when you burn your finger or something, run it under lukewarm water.)

[22:42] NinthDoctor: (Nine: Shut up about doctors.)

[22:44] Metaltron: *suddenly* I AM WITHOUT ORDERS.

[22:44] House: (-- webmd is so not helpful)

[22:45] NinthDoctor: And you're not going to get them either.

[22:45] * Boone has joined #desperatescreen

[22:45] House: (Snap, it says cool water ::) And cold compresses)

[22:46] Rose: [Well XD]

[22:46] House: Are you a doctor, Rose?

[22:46] House: (Oops, no ice. Change ice to 'cold compresses' :D)

[22:47] Boone: *re-exists*

[22:47] Rose: No. I'm not. *tosses the compresses at him* But I know a few.

[22:47] Metaltron: DOC-TOR. *crazy Dalek flail* DOC-TOR? DOC-TOR.

[22:47] AnthonyFremont: Oh, SHUT UP.

[22:47] NinthDoctor: Yeah? *manic grin, leans back* What? What is it?

[22:48] Boone: ...Did I miss anything fun?

[22:48] House: *trying to peel the shirt off without damaging Warren any futher* Shit...

[22:48] AnthonyFremont: *only Anthony setting Warren on fire*

[22:48] Boone: *well, damn*

[22:48] WarrenW: *has toasty wings and burned feathers everywhere*

[22:48] AnthonyFremont: *DS, meet Anthony Fremont*

[22:48] Boone: *mmmm, burnt feathers*

[22:48] House: (-- that reminds me of Bandits XD)

[22:49] Metaltron: *you missed the first installment of THE DALEK INVASION OF DESPERATESCREEN*

[22:50] Metaltron: *--which is not spelled desperatescream, surprisingly* I MUST LIVE.

[22:50] NinthDoctor: Are /you/ asking for /mercy/?

[22:52] WarrenW: *just going to kneel there and take deep, shakey breaths* *owwww...*

[22:52] House: *peels off the rest of the shirt -- totally put gloves on before this, really, we swear*

[22:52] House: *and with the further careful cleaning*

[22:53] WarrenW: *owowowow owwwww*

[22:53] Metaltron: I AM ALONE.

[22:54] NinthDoctor: We both are.

[22:54] House: *ointmentointmentrevolution*

[22:54] Metaltron: WE ARE THE SAME?

[22:55] NinthDoctor: *...shakes his head* No. We're not. Similar.

[22:55] WarrenW: *holds still for him to do whatever he needs to do and tries not to show how much it hurts*

[22:56] House: *and bandages carefully* No flying until I tell you it's okay.

[22:57] WarrenW: *shakily* Hell, I'm not even gonna be covering them for a while.

[22:57] House: I'm sure the ladies will love that.

[22:58] Rose: [Rogue: *thinks they're beautiful?*]

[22:58] WarrenW: {{Not at the moment, Rogue.}}

[22:59] Metaltron: *little flash of hopelessness* WE ARE THE SAME.

[22:59] WarrenW: Yeah, I hear the charbroiled look is in this year.

[22:59] House: Well it means you get to walk around shirtless.

[23:00] NinthDoctor: No. No, we are not. *is obviously unnerved by being compared to a Dalek*

[23:01] Boone: *so confused, hi*

[23:02] NinthDoctor: *most people are, we have a creepy godmod kid and a....Well. A Dalek*

[23:02] WarrenW: I guess. At least it's warm out.

[23:02] AnthonyFremont: ...*munching on Cheez-Its*

[23:02] Boone: *we've already seen creepy godmod kid in action, thanks*
[23:03] Boone: *he KILLED A TINY POLAR BEAR ;_;*

[23:04] Rose: (Bad Wolf!Rose: *But /I/ control life and death! WTF*)

[23:04] House: You're all set. Sleep on your stomach.

[23:04] Rose: *is so unsure of what she should be doing*

[23:05] WarrenW: Usually do. *just gonna...not move for a bit, as long as no one's getting shot at or anything*

[23:05] NinthDoctor: *not yet!*
[23:07] WarrenW: *good. good. in that case, no moving. moving hurts.*

[23:07] Metaltron: *hey, baby, want to see a Dalek in action? :D*

[23:07] Rose: *comforts?*

[23:08] NinthDoctor: *typist permission to do anything short of killing*

[23:09] Rose: *no orders, have at it, is distracted by the hurt winged boy*

[23:09] House: Someone want to tie that kid up?

[23:10] Rose: That kid can make cheez-its dance, not making him mad.

[23:10] Boone: ...Yeah, if he's not gonna light me on fire.

[23:10] Metaltron: *likes killing. ;_______;*

[23:10] NinthDoctor: *doesn't like /dying/*

[23:10] WarrenW: {{Too bad we don't have Jack in here.}}

[23:11] AnthonyFremont: *you guys are very smart. except for House*

[23:11] Metaltron: [Dalek likes killing. Jack can't die. JACK/DALEK OTP!?]

[23:11] AnthonyFremont: *munch, munch*

[23:11] House: If I give him a lollipop will he go away?

[23:11] Rose: Why don't you just stay quiet and deal with it?

[23:12] AnthonyFremont: *Houseglare*

[23:12] WarrenW: ...He set me on fire with his mind. If he wanted a lollipop, I'm sure he'd have one.

[23:12] House: Fine, whatever.

[23:13] AnthonyFremont: *and suddenly, Anthony will have a lollipop. and will be licking it. creepily*

[23:13] Rose: *it's like the Twilight Zone!*

[23:13] Metaltron: *... rimshot?*

[23:13] House: *starts humming The Twilight Zone theme, for good measure*

[23:14] AnthonyFremont: *hahahahaha*
[23:14] AnthonyFremont: */lick/*

[23:16] Rose: *...*

[23:16] AnthonyFremont: *pwns you all, sorry*

[23:17] Metaltron: *uh, intergalactic killing machine here?*

[23:17] AnthonyFremont: *still pwns*

[23:18] WarrenW: *right, ignoring the creepy kid and the intergalactic killing machine* You guys wouldn't happen to have an aspirin or something, would you?

[23:18] Rose: I have Midol? That has asprin in it...?

[23:19] WarrenW: Whatever. Just need something.

[23:19] NinthDoctor: *still staring down said intergalactic killing machine*

[23:19] Rose: *nods and goes to get pain killers!*

[23:20] House: Go back to where you found the bandages and -- or just leave

[23:20] Rose: *pauses* And what?

[23:20] Metaltron: *oh, right! is staring down the Doctor. or the best approximation of it, since intergalactic killing machines have no eyes*

[23:21] House: And find /decent/ painkillers.

[23:21] NinthDoctor: *still finds that unnerving, glllllaaare*

[23:21] Rose: Right. Whatever. *goes to do as much*
[23:26] Rose: *returns then!*

[23:26] Boone: *sips his coffee awkwardly*

[23:27] House: Thanks. You do better than some of my other underlings.

[23:27] WarrenW: *rolls his eyes and sits up a bit to take the painkillers, holding himself stiffly* Thanks.

[23:28] Rose: No problem.

[23:28] WarrenW: *takes a couple..whatever she brought?*

[23:29] Rose: *with water, because we're sure Rose brought that too*

[23:29] NinthDoctor: *...Companions are utterly useless these days XD*

[23:29] Metaltron: I WILL NOT DIE. *-it's more a suggestion than an assertion, really*

[23:30] NinthDoctor: And neither will I.

[23:30] WarrenW: *drinks the rest of the water and is just going to sit there until the...we're assuming it's the midol, starts to kick in*

[23:31] House: *hey, demanded something not midol XD*

[23:32] WarrenW: *well...for the whatever-it-actually-is to kick in, then, it wasn't named. XD*

[23:32] Rose: *. it's something, it'll work*

[23:32] Metaltron: *it hesitates with an audible whirring-- maybe it's thinking? who can tell?*

[23:33] NinthDoctor: *certainly can't, crosses his arms, still armed with the screwdriver as if it'll do much good and watches, intently*

[23:34] Rose: Now, if you'll excuse me I left the Doctor alone with a Dalek.

[23:35] WarrenW: *nods* Good luck with that.

[23:36] Rose: Get well. *rises and moves back to the kitchen to observe to see what exactly she needs to do*

[23:36] Metaltron: *more whirring, then a glide forward and two glides back* THEN WHAT?

[23:36] Boone: *coffee!*

[23:36] House: Anymore coffee?

[23:37] Boone: Yep, pot's over that way.
[23:37] Boone: *gestures*

[23:37] WarrenW: *gives House an 'are you /serious/?' look* Dunno, wasn't paying attention.

[23:38] Rose: *steps between Metaltron and the Doctor* Then you leave him alone...?

[23:38] House: *pours himself some, humming*

[23:38] AnthonyFremont: *BAD IDEA, HOUSE*
[23:38] AnthonyFremont: *hates singing. /haaaaaaates/ singing*

[23:39] NinthDoctor: *moves to pull Rose beside him, taking her hand and glaring at the Dalek possesively*

[23:40] Metaltron: *repeats, because Rose is here now and Rose Tyler gives orders* THEN WHAT?

[23:40] House: *coffeesip?*

[23:40] Rose: Leave him alone. Don't exterminate the Doctor.

[23:41] Metaltron: *;____;* HE IS ENEMY TO THE DALEKS.

[23:42] Rose: He's my friend.

[23:42] House: So what's up with the bitchy trash can?

[23:42] Metaltron: HE WOULD DES-TROY ME.

[23:42] NinthDoctor: I would. Your kind is the reason my people are /dead/!

[23:43] Boone: I have no idea.

[23:43] AnthonyFremont: *warningly to House* No singing. I don't like singing.

[23:43] House: Fine, I won't sing.

[23:43] AnthonyFremont: *placated*


[23:45] NinthDoctor: *bitter laugh* It was for nothing too...

[23:45] Rose: Doctor...*squeezes his hand*

[23:46] WarrenW: *is just going to drag himself to a handy bench, because there's gotta be one, and sprawls on it with his wings hanging off the side*

[23:46] House: *whistles instead*

[23:46] AnthonyFremont: .....

[23:47] Boone: *coffee is good!*

[23:49] NinthDoctor: *grips her hand tighter*

[23:51] Metaltron: FOR NOTHING.

[23:52] NinthDoctor: *louder* Nothing. Because there were Daleks still. Your Emperor survived.

[23:54] Metaltron: *more whirring. some shifting from side to side in quick, twitchy Dalek movements. the eyestalk darts to Rose then back* DALEKS SURVIVED?

[23:54] House: Who else needs my healing touch?

[23:54] Rose: The Emperor...the others were created...

[23:55] Metaltron: *frantic, frantic* I DO NOT SENSE THEM. I SCANNED FOR THEM.

[23:56] Rose: They weren't there then. They...They're gone now.

[23:56] NinthDoctor: Turned to ash.

[23:59] Metaltron: THEY CANNOT BE. *this? this is quite obviously -despair-* THEY SURVIVED. I CANNOT BE ALONE.

[00:00] NinthDoctor: Dead. Gone. ASH.

[00:00] Boone: My leg could use it.

[00:01] House: Leg could use what?

[00:02] Boone: Your healing touch.

[00:02] House: Oh, right. Well so could mine. You were stupid enough to walk on yours

[00:02] Metaltron: *pained* THEY. ARE. DEAD?

[00:02] Boone: ...You know that bedside manner thing doctors are supposed to have? ...Yours sucks.
[00:03] Boone: *steals lines from Hurley, what?*

[00:03] Rose: I...I...Yeah. *doesn't remember*

[00:03] House: I was sick that day. Ironic, huh?

[00:03] NinthDoctor: Dead. And it still isn't enough. /What I did was not enough!/ *seething*

[00:05] Boone: Yeah.

[00:06] Rose: *runs her thumb across the skin of the Doctor's hand, trying to keep him calm*


[00:07] House: Where does it still hurt?

[00:08] WarrenW: *slowly relaxes a bit as the painkillers kick in and watches the drama with the talking robot from his bench*

[00:08] NinthDoctor: I would. A hundred times over. *raises his voice* I LOST MY PEOPLE!

[00:08] Boone: The ...general shin area.

[00:08] Metaltron: YOU WOULD HAVE ME LOSE MINE?

[00:08] House: Roll up your pants leg and prop it up on the table so I don't have to kneel.

[00:09] NinthDoctor: Yes. *and the finality he puts on that is frightening*

[00:09] Boone: *does that, trying not to wince*

[00:10] Metaltron: *and apparently it frightens the Dalek, because it's gliding backwards, slowly, calculated, away from the Oncoming Storm~*

[00:11] NinthDoctor: *steps forward, releasing Rose to go after the thing with long, cold strides*

[00:13] Metaltron: *it holds itself carefully, moves carefully, keeping the distance between it and the Doctor uniform; they're matched, step for glide*

[00:13] AnthonyFremont: *munches*

[00:14] NinthDoctor: *this is a glare filled with hate and pain and angst and determination as he quickens his stride*

[00:16] Metaltron: *and this is frantic, fearful, desperate, because really it's a scared and lonely Dalek who wants more Daleks so someone'll love it* WE HAVE TAUGHT YOU THIS.

[00:17] NinthDoctor: *shrugs, absently*

[00:18] Rose: Doctor! *follows and places herself between him and the Dalek*

[00:19] NinthDoctor: Move. Now, Rose.

[00:20] House: Ugh, this is gross. Why are you walking around again? *pulls on a new pair of gloves (keeps them in his pocket, just in case) and prods none to gently*

[00:20] Boone: *sdsfghj* It's not -fun- walking around, trust me.

[00:20] Rose: No. It's afraid, Doctor...It's alone. It didn't do it.

[00:22] House: So don't. Or use a crutch, dumbass. *limps over to the sink to grab a clean towel and rubs some soap and water into it* It's infected.

[00:22] * Wilson has joined #desperatescreen

[00:22] NinthDoctor: *shakes his head furiously*

[00:22] Metaltron: I AM ALONE.

[00:23] NinthDoctor: *weakly* I am too.

[00:23] Boone: ...Lovely.

[00:23] House: Yeah, that's what the pus means. *starts washing it out*

[00:24] Metaltron: *and again, because this is the moral of the story* WE ARE THE SAME.

[00:24] Boone: *hey Wilson, join the doctor party in the kitchen :D*

[00:25] House: *pokes at a particularly gross and red part*

[00:25] Boone: *asdfghj* -Ow-.

[00:25] NinthDoctor: *shakes his head, doesn't want that* ...We...we are the same.

[00:26] House: Yeah see? When you walk around on a previously broken leg with no real medical attention? It /hurts/. If it gets ignored long enough, you get to be like me. Only not nearly as cool.

[00:26] Rose: [Rose: My Doctor pwns you.]

[00:26] WarrenW: *if Wilson's there and can be seen, waves tiredly to him from where he's stretched out on a bench, bandaged wings hanging everywhere*

[00:26] Boone: *smirks a little* No one could be as cool as you, of course.

[00:27] Wilson: (One sec- rodents causing issues. Err... pets, not pests)

[00:27] House: Never. Glad you agree. *starts applying the antibacterial ointment* Find one of my underlings once a day to get them to change this, or do it yourself.

[00:30] Boone: Okay.

[00:31] Wilson: *heads down to the kitchen just to get a glass of water. From the looks of things, he's guessing there's been some sort of chaos going on* What in the...?

[00:31] Boone: *waves at Wilson* Come join the fun. We've got dancing cheezits and weird robots.

[00:31] WarrenW: *waves now then* *with the charred wings and stuff* Hey.

[00:32] Metaltron: WE ARE ALONE.

[00:32] House: I get to fix the battle wounds. *straightens up and peels his gloves off* I get /much/ more fun clinic patients here.
[00:32] House: *pokes Boone's now bandaged leg with his cane* Get a crutch.

[00:32] Boone: *winces* Yeah, yeah.

[00:33] Wilson: Dancing cheezits? Robots? *stares at Warren's wings* What happened?

[00:33] Boone: Polar bears, too. :D

[00:33] WarrenW: That kid over there *points at Anthony* set them on fire. With his mind. I think. Or something like that.

[00:33] AnthonyFremont: ...Stop pointing at me.
[00:33] AnthonyFremont: I don't /like/ people who point at me.

[00:33] WarrenW: Well /I/ don't like when people /set me on fire/.

[00:34] AnthonyFremont: You wouldn't let go of me.

[00:34] NinthDoctor: ...No. You are. *moves to take Rose's hand and study her a moment* I have friends.

[00:34] AnthonyFremont: *completely lacking remorse, hi*

[00:34] House: Children, children. Settle down or Daddy will have to send you to your rooms.

[00:34] WarrenW: The depressed robot was trying to shoot people. Or maybe you didn't notice that. *is pissy when he's injured*

[00:35] House: *pokes Warren's wing* Behave, Wilson's one of the good guys. Wilson the doctor, Warren the mutant. And vice versa.

[00:35] Metaltron: *and again the eyestalk focuses on the Doctor, then Rose, then the Doctor, then very purposefully on Rose*

[00:35] WarrenW: *muffled sound of paaaain* Pleasedon'tdothat.

[00:36] Rose: *studies the Dalek, moving to hold the Doctor to comfort him, trying to riddle out what the thing could be thinking if it does indeed think*

[00:36] Wilson: *nods* We've met. *glances at Anthony, then back to Warren* A child set you on fire with his mind? How did that happen? *confused. Again*

[00:37] House: Magic, James. Or do Jews not believe in that? It's been a while since I've read my Torrah.

[00:37] Boone: *places his leg back on the floor, carefully*

[00:37] WarrenW: The depressed robot was threatening to shoot everybody. House grabbed the kid, handed him to me, I tried to take him outside, he didn't /want/ to go outside and the next thing I knew my wings were on fire.

[00:38] AnthonyFremont: *House's eyebrows might still be hot pink, up to the typist*

[00:38] House: *-- forgot about that XD sure*

[00:38] Metaltron: *does indeed think, though perhaps not in the same way that non-mutated creatures do-- and it's still watching Rose, though it's gone silent. a less evil creature might said to appear-- jealous?*

[00:39] Wilson: *I* don't believe in magic. What happened to your eyebrows? *glances to Warren* Well, that's gratitude for you.

[00:39] House: ... what's wrong with them?

[00:39] NinthDoctor: *that's rich, settles his face in Rose's shoulder to absorb his foil's warmth and comfort*

[00:39] WarrenW: ...His eyebrows? *looks...and snickers* *then tries not to because it makes his wings shift and ow*

[00:40] Wilson: *trying not to laugh* Uh. They're... very pink.

[00:40] Boone: Looks good, House.

[00:40] House: ... I hate that kid. *steals the Cheezits* Change them back.

[00:41] AnthonyFremont: HEY!

[00:41] WarrenW: ....Bad idea, House...

[00:41] AnthonyFremont: You're a bad man! You're a VERY bad man!
[00:41] AnthonyFremont: *is six years old and scary as all heck*

[00:41] Rose: *strokes his back and continues to study the Dalek, trying to figure it out*

[00:41] House: And you're a bad little boy. Change my eyebrows back and I'll give the Cheezits back. That simple.

[00:41] WarrenW: *would snicker were he not apprehensive*

[00:42] Metaltron: *or at least-- at least-- appreciative of something it lacks. this is a very despairing little robot cyborg thing*

[00:43] Rose: *steps back from the Doctor and nudges him some before approaching the Dalek*

[00:44] AnthonyFremont: I don't have to do /anything/.

[00:44] Metaltron: *much more quietly than normal* ROSE TY-LER.

[00:44] Rose: You all right?

[00:45] Metaltron: *strained* WHAT IS 'ALL RIGHT'?

[00:46] Wilson: So, you're blaming the kid for your eyebrows too?

[00:46] Rose: Not bad.

[00:46] House: He's the one who did it.

[00:46] Metaltron: I AM ALONE.

[00:47] Rose: You wouldn't still be alive if you were alone.

[00:47] Wilson: Oh, wait, let me guess. Magic, right?

[00:47] NinthDoctor: *moves after Rose, protective*

[00:47] Metaltron: IS THIS LIFE?

[00:48] House: Duh. *holds the Cheezits box over Anthony's head* Change it back.

[00:48] House: (IS THIS JUST FANTASY?)

[00:48] Boone: Hey, what -else- could make a tiny polar bear appear out of nowhere?

[00:48] Rose: *nods* Yeah. And it doesn't look too good right now. But it always gets better, yeah?

[00:49] AnthonyFremont: *O____O creepy Anthony look -- and now House's eyebrows will be back to normal...or at least, seem that way*

[00:49] Metaltron: [CAUGHT IN A LANDSLIDE?]

[00:49] House: (NO ESCAPE FROM REALITY?)

[00:49] House: *-- /seem/?*

[00:49] Metaltron: [OPEN YOUR EYES--]

[00:49] AnthonyFremont: *::D*


[00:50] WarrenW: ...Looks back to normal... *sounds doubtful, doesn't trust it* *this is, after all, the kid who /set him on fire/*

[00:50] House: (I'M JUST A POOR BOY, DAD'S FLYING CAR WITH ME -- wait)

[00:50] Metaltron: [... *HAS NO SYMPATHY?*]

[00:51] Metaltron: *-which would be its way of saying 'um, what do you mean it always gets better?'*

[00:51] NinthDoctor: Neither will the Time Lords.

[00:51] House: *nono, what do we mean seem?*

[00:52] Wilson: *stares* Huh.

[00:53] House: *SEEMS MADAME? NAY, IT IS. I KNOW NOT SEEMS -- ahem*

[00:53] Metaltron: [...]

[00:53] AnthonyFremont: *...we don't know yet*
[00:53] AnthonyFremont: Now give them back.

[00:53] House: (... now I wanna see Hugh Laurie as Hamlet. And RSL as Horatio)
[00:53] House: *gives them back*

[00:53] Rose: *looks to the Doctor and then to the Dalek and nods as if to say "See? He's getting on."*

[00:54] WarrenW: {{...Dude, yes.}}

[00:54] AnthonyFremont: *::{*

[00:55] House: So -- welcome to the insanity, James. Need a drink?

[00:55] Metaltron: *with an almost child-like realisation* THIS IS PAIN.

[00:56] Rose: Sometimes.

[00:57] Wilson: Well, that was what I originally came down here for. *pauses* Except I'm starting to think something stronger than water would be more appropriate.

[00:57] House: That's the spirit. There's whiskey somewhere.

[00:58] AnthonyFremont: *no, there isn't. ::D*

[00:58] House: *... ;_;*

[00:58] Boone: Whiskey sounds really good.

[00:59] NinthDoctor: *tugs Rose back to him, softly, cupping her hand in his*

[00:59] Wilson: There is? *starts looking around for the whiskey in the cupboards*

[01:00] AnthonyFremont: *munch*

[01:00] House: Somewhere.

[01:01] Wilson: Not that I'm seeing.

[01:02] House: Well why the hell not?

[01:03] Wilson: I don't know. *gestures to the cupboards* See for yourself.

[01:03] House: *starts digging* I'd suggest going to the minibar in my room, but that's kinda kinky.

[01:04] Rose: *gives his hand a squeeze and hugs!*

[01:04] * Vitim has joined #desperatescreen
[01:04] Vitim: Ïîÿâèëàñü íîâàÿ îíëàéí ÐÏÃ "Áîéöîâñêèé èíñòèíêò" âñåì ðåêîìåíäóþ ññûëêà: http://cahbl4.info/go.php?1139586210
[01:04] Vitim: Ïîÿâèëàñü íîâàÿ îíëàéí ÐÏÃ "Áîéöîâñêèé èíñòèíêò" âñåì ðåêîìåíäóþ ññûëêà: http://cahbl4.info/go.php?1139586210
[01:04] * Vitim has left #desperatescreen

[01:07] Metaltron: *could have exterminated him!*

[01:07] Rose: *would have let you!*

[01:07] AnthonyFremont: He went to the cornfield.
[01:07] AnthonyFremont: He won't be back.

[01:07] Boone: ...o..kay.

[01:07] NinthDoctor: You're really creepy kid. I like you. *:D*
[01:08] NinthDoctor: *Time Lords have the /Power/*

[01:08] AnthonyFremont: *:Ds at the Doctor*
[01:09] AnthonyFremont: *but it's still creepy*

[01:09] Metaltron: *EXTERMINATES EVERYONE :D :D :D --only not*

[01:09] NinthDoctor: *pfft, has seen some creepy shit*

[01:09] House: *has seen Cuddy braless? That's pretty creepy*

[01:09] WarrenW: *pushes himself up carefuly and painfully* ...I think I'm going to try to get to my room, before I pass out down here or something. G'night. And thanks for the bandages, House.

[01:09] Metaltron: *... anyway, now would be a good time for the Dalek to turn on the heels it doesn't have and glide off to listen to Evanescence and write emo poetry mope*

[01:09] Boone: *has seen omgwtfpolarbears?*

[01:09] House: Gratitude confuses me.

[01:09] * Metaltron is now known as Ianto

[01:10] Rose: *aw, will just hold onto the Doctor*

[01:10] WarrenW: Whatever. *amusion* *waves at Wilson and drags himself off*

[01:10] * WarrenW is now known as WarrenP

[01:10] WarrenP: *and is swapped out for the /other/ Warren! XD*
[01:10] WarrenP: *who can be set on fire all that Anthony likes, and it won't hurt him*

[01:10] Ianto: *and enter a pretty Welshman in a suit, smiling quietly to himself because he simply can't -stop-*

[01:11] NinthDoctor: *hello pretty Welshman, the Doctor is holding his companionthing and having a rare moment of fluff, chin resting on her head*

[01:12] WarrenP: *wanders in* *teenager in black with flame tattoos and red streaks in his hair* *Looks around*

[01:13] House: *continues his search for alcohol*

[01:13] Boone: *coffee? :D*

[01:13] Ianto: *hello rare fluffy Doctor, Ianto will look a little startled at seeing you here-- and suddenly a little wary, because you don't punch someone without consequences*

[01:14] AnthonyFremont: *oddlooks Warren*

[01:14] NinthDoctor: *and the fluff is gone, steps from Rose with an air that he never had her in his arms and nods to Ianto*

[01:14] Wilson: See? I told you there wasn't any whiskey.

[01:15] WarrenP: *leans against the wall, hands in his jacket pockets, and watches people*

[01:15] Ianto: *he clears his throat, composes himself, and the smile's back (a little more professional than before)* Please, don't mind me.

[01:16] Rose: *a little quirk of the lips* Hey there.

[01:16] House: Don't give up hope!

[01:17] Ianto: *looking at Rose, he ducks his head and takes his hands out of his pockets* No need to worry. I'm unarmed.

[01:17] Rose: The Dalek's come and gone anyways.

[01:18] Ianto: *he nods, the darkness that passes through his eyes unrealised in his face* Glad I'm late, then, no offense.

[01:18] Wilson: I'm not giving up hope. I'm just saying there's no whiskey in the kitchen.

[01:19] WarrenP: What's a Dalek?

[01:19] House: Wanna go find the whiskey in my room? If you know what I mean? *mockleering look*

[01:20] NinthDoctor: *simply* You don't want to know.

[01:20] Ianto: *at the same time* A murderer.

[01:20] WarrenP: ...Shouldn't I, if there's one around? *whatever it is...*

[01:20] AnthonyFremont: *...it won't be there*

[01:20] WarrenP: Murderer?

[01:21] Wilson: Well, someone should probably keep an eye on our little aspiring David Copperfield here...

[01:21] NinthDoctor: You know, goes around killing people with no good reason? *sarcastic? Nine? Never.*

[01:21] House: Boone can. Why am I suddenly a babysitter?

[01:22] WarrenP: If it's just a murderer, why wouldn't I want to know? Something special about it?

[01:23] Ianto: *if this were any other topic, Doctor, Ianto would have smiled at that; it's his sort of humour*

[01:23] NinthDoctor: *we're touched* No murderer is /just/ a murderer.

[01:23] Wilson: I was going to suggest that I stay here, and you go the whiskey.

[01:24] Boone: I'm not moving anytime soon, I could do it.

[01:24] House: You're a good man, Charlie Brown. I'll run up and get it -- figuratively speaking.

[01:24] AnthonyFremont: *and House will find, in place of his precious whiskey, juice boxes*

[01:24] Boone: *facepalms a little*

[01:25] WarrenP: Well, there's ordinary murder, and then there's psychopaths who go on a murderous rampage with superpowers. Which are we talking about here?

[01:25] House: *will cry a little on the inside when he gets there, then*

[01:25] Ianto: *to Warren, in his best, forceful-polite, we're-Torchwood-we're-in-charge voice* You'd best let us worry about it.

[01:25] NinthDoctor: *uneasy! Torchwood is /not good/*

[01:26] Wilson: *shakes his head* Well, go on.

[01:26] Ianto: *didn't say anything about Torchwood! ...not that it isn't a good guess, considering he knows Jack*

[01:26] WarrenP: *eyebrow raise* *Warren and authority are not always the best of friends*

[01:27] House: *dashes -- figuratively*

[01:27] NinthDoctor: *yeah, we have a guess*

[01:28] Ianto: *retcon usually helps in those situations, but for now, here's a calculated-to-be-reassuring smile* We're taking care of

[01:28] House: *and returns, frowning* Boxes of apple juice do not a glass of whiskey make.

[01:28] Boone: No, they do not.

[01:28] AnthonyFremont: *moohahahahaha*

[01:29] Boone: ....*eyes Anthony*

[01:29] House: I hate this kid. *sits in a chair and /sulks/*

[01:29] Wilson: *stares at Anthony, looks to House* Are you sure?

[01:29] Rose: ...I'll go and make some tea. How about that?

[01:29] WarrenP: *and here's some instant distrust* I'd rather know /before/ I get killed in my sleep or something, thanks.

[01:29] AnthonyFremont: Why are you looking at me like that?

[01:29] Boone: *to Wilson* ...He made Cheezits dance.
[01:30] Boone: I'm pretty damn sure.

[01:30] NinthDoctor: You won't be asleep, trust me. *looks to Rose* You don't need to if you don't like.

[01:31] Rose: You could probably use a cup to calm your nerves. *pushes up on the tips of her toes to kiss his cheek and move to make tea*

[01:31] House: Bring my alcohol back or I'll tell your mommy.

[01:31] AnthonyFremont: Oh, /her/? She isn't here.

[01:32] WarrenP: So how do I know if I run into it? *the more they try to dissuade him the more insistant he'll be on knowing*

[01:32] Wilson: He made Cheezits dance. *nods slowly* I see.

[01:33] House: *hums Do You Believe In Magic*

[01:33] NinthDoctor: *mutters something that sounds like "Humans..." with a roll of his eyes*

[01:34] AnthonyFremont: You keep on humming and I'll make sure you have no mouth to hum with.

[01:34] WarrenP: *stares hard at the Doc, not quite sure if he heard what he think he heard*

[01:35] NinthDoctor: *stares back, is good at staring*

[01:35] House: ... I've been sucked into the Matrix.

[01:36] Boone: ....

[01:36] WarrenP: *is too* *and would still like an answer*

[01:36] Boone: ...I -really- want something to drink now.

[01:37] NinthDoctor: *the Doctor is /incredible/ at not giving answers* Anyways.

[01:37] AnthonyFremont: You won't find anything to drink.

[01:38] House: Why /not/?

[01:38] WarrenP: So what is it?

[01:38] AnthonyFremont: I don't like those drinks.
[01:38] AnthonyFremont: They make people stupid.
[01:38] AnthonyFremont: They make people /sing/.

[01:39] NinthDoctor: Where is my companion with the tea, hm?

[01:39] Boone: What's so bad about singing?

[01:39] House: I don't sing when I'm drunk

[01:39] AnthonyFremont: I HATE IT.

[01:39] Boone: ...Why?

[01:40] AnthonyFremont: I JUST DO.

[01:40] Ianto: *dry and final, to Warren* We're not permitted to release details at this time. *turns and gives the Doctor a tight smile, firmly
changing the subject* How's the jaw?

[01:40] Wilson: Well, that isn't a very good reason.

[01:40] House: Christ.

[01:40] NinthDoctor: Just fine. *pouts* /Jack/ didn't hit me.

[01:41] WarrenP: *folds his arms* So you're going to tell me that there's some sort of murderer roaming the hotel, but not how to identify it when I see it. Right. *sarcastic and doubting their intelligence*

[01:41] Boone: Gimme a reason, kid.

[01:41] NinthDoctor: That's exactly what we're saying.

[01:41] AnthonyFremont: I don't HAVE to.

[01:41] Boone: No, you don't, but it'd be nice if you did.

[01:41] WarrenP: ...So are you insane or just an asshole?

[01:41] Boone: *kinda fails at babysitting, can we tell?*

[01:42] AnthonyFremont: I don't care.

[01:42] NinthDoctor: *cheery shrug*

[01:43] Ianto: *right, to Nine!* Perhaps Jack should have hit you. *you may notice a widening smile at the mention of Jack*

[01:43] WarrenP: It'll be real fun when somebody dies because they didn't know what to look out for.

[01:43] * House has quit IRC (Ping timeout )

[01:44] NinthDoctor: *pointedly ignores Warren for a moment* Well he didn't. And at any case I think we're on good terms now. *to Warren* Ever heard of Natural Selection? It keeps the smartest apes alive.

[01:44] Boone: Suit yourself, kid.

[01:45] WarrenP: So what's your excuse? *doesn't seem to have too high an opinion of the Doc's intelligence*

[01:45] NinthDoctor: *sarcastic smile* I'm just incredibly lucky.

[01:45] Ianto: *rolls his eyes. very subtly.*

[01:46] Rose: *back with a teatray!*

[01:46] WarrenP: *eyeroll* Of course you are.

[01:46] Ianto: A ha. Tea. *with a 'look' at Warren* Tea's no time for business, then.

[01:47] NinthDoctor: Right. We'll sit down, have civil conversation. Or something.

[01:48] Rose: You can be civil? *passes him a cup, grinning*

[01:48] Ianto: As near to. *sits whereever's convenient and looks between the Doctor and Rose* It occurs to me I don't believe I've properly introduced myself.

[01:48] Wilson: *shrugs and gets himself that glass of water he originally came down for*

[01:48] WarrenP: *glances at Rose, amused* Could've fooled me.

[01:49] NinthDoctor: So you haven't. Which seems odd since you know me. *smiles and sits*

[01:53] Ianto: Jack's spoken of you. Both of you. *he doesn't say I SAW YOU AT CANARY WHARF, because um, top secret organisation* Ianto Jones. *offers the Doctor a hand*

[01:53] Boone: [Totally just read that as Indiana Jones.]

[01:54] NinthDoctor: *sets his cup aside and shakes his offered hand* The Doctor. And this is Rose. *and no, is not offering her last name because we don't trust you*

[01:54] WarrenP: {{I did too, actually. XD}}

[01:54] Boone: [*highfives*]

[01:54] WarrenP: {{*highfives!*}}

[01:55] Ianto: Of course. *and Rose gets a nod and a smile* Nice to meet you both. *is a very nice boy! honest*

[01:55] Rose: *is more trusting than the Doctor, nods and smiles back* You too. Tea?

[01:55] WarrenP: *hangs around, watching them* *partly for lack of anything better to do and partly to figure out wtf is up with them*

[01:56] Ianto: Yes, thank you.

[01:56] Rose: How do you take yours? *pours him a cup*

[01:59] Ianto: Milk, no sugar, if you will.

[01:59] NinthDoctor: Good taste.

[01:59] Rose: *prepares the cup for him then and offers it over* What's Jack said? *eyebrow quirk*

[02:01] Ianto: *arches an eyebrow* I'm Welsh, not barbaric. *and smiles to Rose again-- mentions of Jack do that* That he used to travel with you.

[02:01] Boone: *chilling with his coffee*

[02:01] Rose: *beams* Those were good times.

[02:02] Wilson: *drinks his water and keeps an eye on Anthony.*

[02:02] Ianto: He thinks so too.

[02:03] Rose: I'm going to miss him when we leave again.

[02:03] AnthonyFremont: *is being good, for now*

[02:03] Ianto: *sips tea* You've got the TARDIS fixed, then?

[02:04] NinthDoctor: *teasips, mood improving gradually* Not yet. Soon though. And at any case we know we're going to continue our travels.

[02:05] Ianto: *is nice, see? and polite! and everything you could want of an Ianto-in-law*

[02:05] Rose: *is charmed!*

[02:05] NinthDoctor: *is civil back, which is a start*

[02:05] Ianto: Ah. *quietly* He'll be sorry to see you go.

[02:06] NinthDoctor: We'll be sorry to leave.

[02:07] Rose: We won't be leaving for a while though...Right, Doctor?

[02:07] NinthDoctor: Course not. I think you could use the down time.

[02:08] Wilson: *is shocked. Really. Glances to Boone, smiles a bit* It's a shame really. Santa Claus... The Easter Bunny... No one brings nice gifts to little boys that do things to annoy other people.

[02:08] Ianto: I should hope not. *eyebrowquirk* We've only just had a chance to meet.

[02:09] Rose: And we got off on the wrong foot...
[02:09] Rose: M'sorry about that.

[02:09] Ianto: So am I. I'm afraid I-- well. Not much I can say, is there?

[02:10] Boone: *nods seriously* Not even chocolates. It's terrible.

[02:10] Rose: Not really. We'll never agree about what happened so it's best to just...live and let live, yeah?

[02:10] WarrenP: *boredly flicks his finger against his thumb, a small flame on his finger going on and off, on and off*

[02:11] NinthDoctor: *amused grin* She's so diplomatic.

[02:12] Wilson: *nods, sips his water* It's even worse when the parents aren't around to make up for it. It makes the holidays very lonely, I'm sure.

[02:13] Boone: *nods* No presents at all. I know what that's like.

[02:13] Ianto: You can never have too much diplomacy. *tilts his head to the side* Well.

[02:14] Rose: *amused, shoves at the Doctor and settles her chin on his shoulder*

[02:15] NinthDoctor: Watch it, easy on the leather. *adjusts to be more comfortable* How do you know Jack? *has a hunch but, well...*

[02:16] Ianto: *pauses at the question, because hey, he has a new answer to this one! but he hesitates a little too long, then:* We work together.

[02:17] NinthDoctor: *and that solves it* *gives him a look, a most distrustful look*

[02:17] Wilson: Not even the Tooth Fairy leaves much if you annoy those around you too much. Sometimes nothing at all.

[02:18] Boone: Uh-huh. That's why smart kids are nice to adults.

[02:19] Rose: Doctor? What's wrong? *tips her head to look at him*

[02:20] NinthDoctor: Nothing. *translation: "I'll tell you later.", and he will*

[02:20] Wilson: Exactly. *nods* And of course, if you're unkind to other children too, they won't play with you,and you'll be all alone forever.

[02:22] Boone: I don't think I'd want to be alone forever.

[02:22] Ianto: *nods-- he figures that this means that the Doctor knows what Jack does* *distracts?* And we-- ah, have a personal relationship as well.

[02:22] NinthDoctor: He said you spent Valentine's Day together.

[02:24] Ianto: We did. Very romantic.

[02:24] Wilson: Neither would I.

[02:25] Rose: *little smile* Aww. What did he do? He can be really thoughtful, it must have been lovely.

[02:26] AnthonyFremont: I would.

[02:26] Wilson: *blinks, looks around, pretending not to notice Anthony's still there* Did you hear something?

[02:26] AnthonyFremont: QUIT PRETENDING. I KNOW YOU HEAR ME.

[02:27] WarrenP: *blinks at the screaming child*

[02:29] Boone: *hides a wince* --No, I didn't.

[02:29] Ianto: He cooked dinner. We walked on the beach. *doesn't quite succeed at quashing the 'omgthrilled' vibes here, but he tries*

[02:29] * House has joined #desperatescreen

[02:29] Rose: *makes a cute face* Awww. The Doctor and I just went dancing...*fake scowl*

[02:30] Wilson: *is secretly amazed that one little boy can make so much racket, but just shrugs* Me neither.

[02:30] House: My whiskey is still apple juice. *so went to go check on that*

[02:30] AnthonyFremont: *O________________O*

[02:31] NinthDoctor: *amused* You had to get back to Ricky and the TARDIS wouldn't let me take you somewhere fantastic.

[02:31] Boone: ...That's good to know, House.

[02:31] Ianto: *can't help but laugh* Dancing sounds quite nice as well. Should suggest it to Jack.

[02:31] House: I'll keep you updated.

[02:31] Wilson: What, were you waiting for it to ferment on its own?

[02:31] Rose: Jack's a wonderful dancer, you should make him.

[02:33] House: ... now /there's/ an idea.

[02:33] WarrenP: *is a bored and pissy pyro*

[02:33] House: *bored and pissy cripple*

[02:34] Wilson: Or you could join us. We were discussing the drawbacks of annoying those around you as a child.

[02:34] Ianto: I just may; I'll tell him Rose insists.

[02:35] Rose: If that doesn't do it nothing will.

[02:35] NinthDoctor: *eyebrow waggles* Unless you say the Doctor insists.

[02:35] Boone: It's not good. You don't get presents.

[02:35] Wilson: Or visits from the Tooth Fairy.

[02:36] House: And coal in your stocking? Or -- do Jews get stockings?

[02:36] Ianto: *rare teasing Ianto! or rare to anyone other than Jack* I suddenly feel as if I have competition.

[02:36] AnthonyFremont: The Tooth Fairy is stupid.
[02:36] AnthonyFremont: And so are you.

[02:37] Boone: *headtilts* Dr. Wilson, did you hear anything?

[02:37] Rose: It's Jack, you'll always have a time keeping his eyes on you. But he's good and loyal.

[02:37] AnthonyFremont: *what, spiders in Boone's hair? never*

[02:38] Wilson: *shrugs* No, nothing. You know what the worst part is? If you're too annoying... Eventually, you simply disappear.


[02:39] House: ... so why does Cuddy still exist? Why do my patients?

[02:39] Wilson: Apparently, they aren't annoying enough.

[02:39] House: Damn.

[02:39] Boone: *crawly feeling? Yep.* *yelps* What the -hell- is that?

[02:40] Ianto: I'm perfecting my ways.

[02:41] AnthonyFremont: *big, hairy ones -- with tails -- yes, tails*

[02:41] NinthDoctor: Don't worry, we won't steal him from you. *runs a hand down Rose's arm, amused*

[02:41] Boone: *asdfghjk SPIDERS WITH TAILS*

[02:43] House: Wimp. Just brush them off.

[02:43] Wilson: *stares. Spiders. With Tails. WTF?!* Hmm. Hold still. *gets up to go remove the tailed spiders. He might accidently drop one on Anthony* Apparently, we have a pest problem.

[02:43] House: Ya think?

[02:43] AnthonyFremont: Mmph. *the spider turns into a chocolate, and he eats it*

[02:44] Rose: *looks up at the Doctor at the touch before sipping at her tea*

[02:44] Boone: *brushes the spiders out of his hair --oh, thanks Wilson* ...Yeah, House, let's see how -you- like effing huge spiders in your hair.

[02:44] AnthonyFremont: *don't give him ideas*
[02:44] AnthonyFremont: *like turning House's eyebrows into live caterpillars*

[02:44] House: Spiders are my friends. *carefully not saying anything that might give Anthony ideas, yeah*

[02:45] AnthonyFremont: .......
[02:45] AnthonyFremont: *OMG IT'S SNOWING*

[02:45] House: ... huh.

[02:45] Ianto: *eyes the touch, thinking they're sweet* I'll take you at your word.

[02:45] Wilson: Well, usually, at least they keep other pests away. These ones haven't been doing their job apparently.

[02:46] NinthDoctor: *we are not, plzkthx* Good-- Is it snowing? Inside?

[02:46] WarrenP: *blink* ...Why's it snowing?

[02:46] Boone: And somehow they managed to mutate tails.

[02:46] WarrenP: ...Again?

[02:46] Boone: ...Wow.
[02:46] Boone: This beats random polar bears any day.

[02:46] AnthonyFremont: *looks perfectly non-chalant*

[02:47] Rose: *delighted!* Oh, wow!

[02:47] WarrenP: *the snow probably melts before it actually lands on him* *cause he's special like that*

[02:47] House: *scoops some snow off the table, rolls it into a ball, and throws it at Wilson*

[02:48] Wilson: *SPLAT. Didn't see that coming at all.*

[02:48] Boone: *laughs*

[02:49] Wilson: *brushes the snow off and makes a snowball of his own to throw back at House*

[02:49] AnthonyFremont: *the snowball will turn into a snowbird*

[02:49] House: Oh you are so dead. *moves over to the counter to start stockpiling snowballs*

[02:49] NinthDoctor: *stands up, looking up curiously, trying to figure out what's going on*

[02:49] Ianto: ...Well. *somewhere, Ianto is pondering how the Rift might affect weather patterns-- if only he had Tosh's nifty computer programs*

[02:50] AnthonyFremont: *a literal snow bird lands on the Doctor's head -- and snow-poops*

[02:50] Wilson: Oh, for... Well, that was random. *makes another snowball to throw at House*

[02:50] NinthDoctor: .....

[02:50] WarrenP: *stares at the snowbird* *shrugs and wanders over to an empty chair, melting away the snow with his hand (trying not to let the flames show too much) and sits*

[02:51] House: ... *shakes the snowbird off and throws one of his snowballs back at Wilson*

[02:51] Rose: *giggles!* Nice look, Doctor.

[02:51] Boone: *grins and makes a stockpile of snow on the table*

[02:51] NinthDoctor: *SHAKES IT OFF* /You/, Rose, are in for it now.

[02:52] Boone: *makes a snowball and throws it at House :D*

[02:52] AnthonyFremont: *flops back and makes a snow angel*

[02:52] Ianto: The entertainment value here is limitless. *sits back to watch*

[02:52] WarrenP: *will be less than pleased if any of the snowballs go his way*

[02:52] Wilson: *moves aside to avoid the snowball, makes another one to throw back*

[02:53] House: Hey! *chucks a handfull of snow at Boone*

[02:53] Rose: I'm shaking, Doctor.

[02:53] Boone: *ducks*

[02:53] NinthDoctor: You ought to be. *tosses a snowball at her*

[02:54] AnthonyFremont: *randomly, the snow will now taste like lemon sherbet*

[02:54] WarrenP: *has probably melted a small area around him just by being there, glowers at all the snow*

[02:55] AnthonyFremont: ........*notices this and GLOWERS at Warren*

[02:55] Rose: *is hit square in the face :O* ....I can't believe you! I...it tastes like sorbet.

[02:55] WarrenP: *doesn't notice, isn't paying attention to him*

[02:55] AnthonyFremont: It's a good thing I made it snow.

[02:56] WarrenP: Yeah, whatever, kid. *doesn't much care for rain or snow*

[02:56] NinthDoctor: Does it? *tips his head to open his mouth*

[02:56] Boone: *chucks a snowball at Wilson now*

[02:57] House: *grabs a bunch of snow and dumps it on Wilson's head*

[02:59] Boone: *happy California boy, never got to play with much snow*

[02:59] Wilson: *SPLAT* Hey! *pauses* Wait. House, taste the snow.

[02:59] Ianto: *watches the various snow fights for a little while longer, then goes to collect some coffee and find Jack*

[02:59] * Ianto has left #desperatescreen

[02:59] House: ... not falling for that one. It doesn't taste like lemon, I know that.

[02:59] Boone: *sticks out his tongue*
[02:59] Boone: Actually, it does.

[02:59] Wilson: See?

[02:59] House: ... what?

[03:00] Boone: Tastes like lemon sherbet.

[03:00] Rose: *laughs, delighted*

[03:00] Wilson: Try it.

[03:00] NinthDoctor: This is fantastic.

[03:00] House: *sticks his tongue out* Oh hey. Snow cones!

[03:00] Wilson: Without the cone part.

[03:00] House: Picky picky.

[03:00] Rose: *...devious grin*

[03:01] WarrenP: *thinks everyone's completely lost it*

[03:01] Boone: *eats a handful of snow*

[03:01] NinthDoctor: *suspicious* Rose, what are you planning? What's going through that head of yours, hm?

[03:04] Wilson: *tries to pelt Boone with a snowball while he's eating. Revenge!*

[03:04] Rose: *pushes herself up on tiptoe to kiss down his cheek*

[03:04] Boone: *pelted!* --Hey!

[03:05] NinthDoctor: *absolutely /freezes/*

[03:05] House: *snickers*

[03:06] Boone: *tosses another snowball at Wilson, hah revenge is sweet (and so is snow)*

[03:06] WarrenP: *contemplates tossing fireballs to melt holes in the snow, but figures it would be a bad idea*

[03:07] Rose: *smiles and kisses near his mouth and moves to nudge him with her nose*

[03:07] AnthonyFremont: *yes, it would be*

[03:08] NinthDoctor: *struggles to keep his composure and keep his mouth away from hers*

[03:09] Wilson: *tries to catch the snowball. Fails. Bah! Makes another one to throw back at Boone*

[03:09] House: *throws one at Wilson while he's distracted*

[03:09] Boone: *cheerful grin*

[03:11] Rose: *looks up at him, curiously*

[03:12] Wilson: *splat!* Hey! *makes one to throw back at House*

[03:12] House: *scootches out of the way as well as he can*
[03:12] House: No fair beating on a cripple!

[03:12] NinthDoctor: *pauses and moves to hold her at the waist and lower his forehead to rest on hers*

[03:13] Wilson: *makes another one and aims for the cane. Since House dumped snow on him, maybe he can dump House in the snow* So you can dish it out, but you can't take it, huh?

[03:14] AnthonyFremont: *and the snow? will turn into rain*

[03:14] Boone: ...Aw, -man-.

[03:15] AnthonyFremont: *...that tastes like lemonade*

[03:15] House: ... not cool.

[03:15] House: *tries to hide in his coat*

[03:15] Boone: *wet and sexy'd*
[03:16] Boone: *well, was sexy anyway, but is now sexier*
[03:16] Boone: [Because really, augh wetBoone. 3]

[03:16] Rose: *amused, sings under her breath, teasingly* If all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops...

[03:17] NinthDoctor: *doesn't sing, it isn't our thing but speaks the next part* Oh, what a rain that would be...

[03:17] Wilson: The snow was definately better.

[03:18] Rose: *smiles and nudges again, careful, to kiss him*

[03:18] WarrenP: *growls angrily, /doesn't like/ rain*

[03:18] Boone: It was.

[03:18] NinthDoctor: *tips his head just a bit into her kiss*

[03:19] House: Really kinda was. *tugs at Wilson's lab coat* Gimme, I don't want mine getting wet.

[03:20] Rose: *moves a hand to his cheek, closing her eyes*

[03:20] Boone: ...Now I'm all -sticky-.

[03:20] WarrenP: *may be steaming just a little* *like, literally*

[03:21] Rose: [Mind meet gutter.]

[03:21] Wilson: Hey! No. They're not waterproof anyway. You're still going to get wet.

[03:21] Boone: [XD]

[03:21] House: So? I happen to like this jacket.

[03:21] Wilson: So sit under the table where you won't get rained on.

[03:21] NinthDoctor: *feel that? That was the Doctor's hearts (yes, he has two) stopping before racing*

[03:22] House: ... /cripple/.

[03:22] Boone: ...See, I would do that too if it didn't hurt to move.

[03:22] Wilson: Excuses, excuses.

[03:22] * AnthonyFremont has left #desperatescreen

[03:22] House: See? Boone knows what I mean -- *smacks Wilson in the leg with his cane*

[03:22] Wilson: OW!

[03:22] House: Serves you right

[03:22] Boone: It does.
[03:22] Boone: *prim look*

[03:23] Rose: *looks startled and moves to settle a hand on his chest to better feel, smiling*

[03:24] Wilson: *rubs his leg* Well, you're still not getting my lab coat.

[03:24] NinthDoctor: Come on. We're getting all wet and you smell like lemonade.

[03:25] Rose: You do too! *kiss*

[03:25] House: Poor baby. s:You miss Stacy too?/s:

[03:25] WarrenP: *is now /wet/ and cranky* *wrings out his hair without much success*

[03:25] Wilson: (*snickers!*)

[03:25] NinthDoctor: *makes a face of half-hearted objection before kissing her back* Come on, the TARDIS is warm and dry.

[03:26] Boone: *wet, smells like lemonade, and looks pretty*

[03:27] Rose: *nods her agreement and takes his hand*

[03:27] NinthDoctor: *will fumble for his key then and lead her away out of the rain*

[03:27] NinthDoctor: (Must run, I'll see you in the morning.)

[03:28] Rose: [HEARTSJake.]

[03:28] * NinthDoctor has left #desperatescreen

[03:28] WarrenP: *glares after the Doc as he leaves, is /going/ to figure out wtf he was talking about with the Dalek*

[03:29] Rose: *Rose would be your best bet, but as she's left with the Doctor? Another day.*

[03:29] * Rose has left #desperatescreen

[03:29] Wilson: *shakes his head, limps to the table and downs the last of his water. Which tastes very lemonadey now, of course*

[03:30] House: Welcome to my world

[03:31] Wilson: Give me a little credit. I'm not nearly as bitter.

[03:33] House: You have to be at least a little bitter to make a comment like that

[03:33] Wilson: I do?

[03:33] House: Oh yeah. *solemn nod*

[03:35] Wilson: I blame the indoor weather.

[03:38] House: You think it's raining in our rooms too?

[03:38] Boone: *shrugs* Might be.

[03:38] House: *pops a Vicodin and freezes* If any of this got into my supply, I'm going to be pissed.

[03:39] Boone: *eyebrow quirk*

[03:41] Wilson: You *do* keep them somewhere safe, right?

[03:42] House: Well I don't have my Lupus textbook with me so I had to find a new place.

[03:43] Wilson: Hopefully somewhere waterproof?

[03:43] House: Well I'm not telling /you/ where.

[03:44] Boone: *misses his snowballs ;_;*

[03:45] Wilson: Oh, yes, because I'm going to break into your room and steal all your pills.

[03:46] House: Hey, you and Tritter were all buddy buddy, and that's what /he/ did.

[03:46] Wilson: We were *not* buddy buddy.

[03:47] Boone: *sits back and listens*

[03:47] House: You /ratted on me/.

[03:48] Wilson: I was trying to help you.

[03:49] House: By forcing me to detox? Real fucking helpful.

[03:49] Wilson: By trying to keep you out of jail.

[03:51] House: I'd take jail over the /hell/ that I went through during that detox!

[03:52] Wilson: Because of course they would just hand you a pill every time you demanded it in jail.

[03:54] House: I could always tell them I have AIDs. Television, ice cream, my own cell, and all the meds I want.

[03:54] Boone: Hey, you wouldn't get raped, either. *:D*

[03:55] House: See? Always a bright side.

[03:55] Wilson: I think you'd actually have to have a doctor diagnose you first.

[03:55] House: Well gee, I don't know any of /those/.
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