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Dr. James Wilson

(House): *the arrival of Julie means we need alcohol, so we'll wander into the kitchen*

(Wilson): *definately needing alcohol.*

(House): *join the party, then*

(Wilson): *wanders into the kitchen too*

(House): Hello. *just hands him a drink*

(Wilson): *takes the drink* Thank you.

(House): You saw?

(Wilson): Julie? Unfortunately.

(House): Same. *alochol is good*(

(Wilson): *alcohol is very good. So he downs his.* I figured it wouldn't take long for you to run into her.

(House): Oh I missed her /so/ much, how could I not?

(Wilson): Almost 6.7 BILLION people in the world, out of all of them, and SHE has to show up here.

(House): The odds are against you.

(Wilson): One to 6.7 billion should have been a pretty long shot. I guess I'm just *that* lucky.

(House): It's your charm.

(Wilson): Odds like that, I should start buying lottery tickets.

(House): But yours is /bad/ luck.

(Wilson): True.

(House): Well -- coming here, and then Julie showing up is like winning the lottery, then getting hit by a bus.

(Wilson): *smiles a bit* I think I'd rather take my chances with the bus instead.

(House): If by bus you mean ex-wife?

(Wilson): No, I mean bus.

(House): Well there is no bus.

(Wilson): Which makes it slightly safer than taking my chances with Julie.

(House): Would you rather I go find you a bus?

(Wilson): I don't think there are any buses around here.

(House): Rats.

(Wilson): *finishes his drink and sets the glass down* At least it's a big hotel. Maybe we can just avoid her completely.

(House): *eyebrow raise* We?

(Wilson): Okay. I can avoid her completely, and you can antagonize her at every opportunity. Better?

(House): If you're worth avoiding. *slightly bitterly*

(Wilson): Well... We'll see.

(House): Do you still love her?

(Wilson): *sighs* I don't know if I'd go that far...

(House): Did you ever?

(Wilson): Do you really think I would have married her if I didn't?

(House): Yes.

(Wilson): *should have seen that coming* Well, I did.

(House): When did you stop?

(Wilson): ...

(Wilson): It didn't exactly happen all at once.

(Wilson): Things just started gradually getting worse.

(House): Just curious.

(Wilson): *pours himself another drink*

(House): Careful, I know how much of a lightweight you are

(Wilson): I'm okay. I can handle two drinks.

(House): I can't carry you.

(Wilson): I know.

(House): *sits, finally*

(Wilson): *takes a seat too*

(House): So now what. You want I should make her a deal she can't refuse?

(Julie): *walks into the kitchen, raises a brow* What deal could you possibly make me that I couldn't refuse, House?

(House): Leave Wilson alone or I'll tell him about our torrid affair -- wait, oops. *finishes his drink*

(Julie): Seems you've already let the cat out of the bag there

(Wilson): *facepalms* I don't want to know.

(House): My bad.

(Julie): What a lovely reunion. *rolls her eyes* You meant to do that, House

(House): ... we didn't really sleep together. Unless I /really/ was drunk.

(Wilson): You know, Julie, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were following me.

(House): She's creepy like that. *pours another drink*

(Julie): Aww... you wish, James

(Wilson): I wish you'd stop.

(Julie): And I'm to care why exactly? If I was following you, you'd know. Lucky for you I'm not.

(House): Subtle like a bus.

(House): *digs out his wallet and tosses it to the table* There, now leave.

(Wilson): Pay her to leave now and she'll keep coming back every time she wants more money.

(House): See? That's why I keep a Jew on hand at all times. They're better with money. *puts his wallet away*

(Julie): It wouldn't of worked anyways

(House): How about if I throw a stick? Female dog, and all that.

(Julie): Sorry, that won't work either

(Wilson): Where's that creepy kid that set Warren's wings on fire when you need him?

(House): He could send her to the Cornfield of the Damned or wherever.

(Julie): No one is sending me anywhere

(Wilson): I'd send you somewhere if I had the money.

(House): Why James, you have a spine. Maybe divorce does something good for you. Maybe /that's/ why you keep doing it.

(Julie): What is with you two and this money crap? I don't want your money nor would I take it.

(House): Because there isn't any left.

(Julie): I wouldn't take it even if there was any left

(House): Liar.

(Julie): Sorry, House, I'm not you

(House): Oh, you wound my three-sizes-too-small heart.

(Wilson): *apparently should have stopped at one drink* If your heart is three sizes too small, what does that make hers?

(House): She has none. *sage nod*

(Julie): Well, I'll be damned. Knew there was something missing somewhere

(House): You're a medical miracle.
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