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Dr. James Wilson

(Foreman): *smirks and stands, offering her a hand up (randomly) and heading into the kitchen* Looks like we got a party going on.

(Cameron): Kitchen as social hub.

(House): I'm a grownup, I can say what I want.

(House): So there.

(AnthonyFremont): Not to me.

(Wilson): I guess it makes sense when it's a self-serve sort of environment.

(Foreman): Well, there's no whiteboard, guess we settle for the next best thing. *notes House is occupied, and wanders over with Wilson* I kept hearing you were around, haven't seen you.

(Wilson): I heard the same about you.

(Foreman): *grins* Yeah, people keep missing me without the lab coat and scowl. You doing okay?

(House): *makes a face at Anthony and goes to join the rest of his posse*

(Cameron): Hi, House.

(Wilson): *nods* I'm all right. How are you?

(Foreman): Doing alright, considering. *and what he was considering walks up!* Hey, here comes the party...

(Ianto): Yes, more or less.

(Joey): *sandwich is finally done*

(AnthonyFremont): *hi, House. Your Vicodin? is now Pez.*

(Lucy): *heads into the kitchen since that's where everyone else seems to be*

(Joey): [...AWESOME.]

(Foreman): [ .... OH NO HE DI-IN'T ]

(House): While the party is usually in the house, it's now just the House. *pops a PEZ and... crunches thoughtfully*

(Cameron): [AAHAHAHHAHA.]

(Foreman): The House is in the party in the kitchen in the house... *pauses, looking a bit concerned at the whole crunchy thing*

(Nancy): Why's that, do you think? Why /then/?

(House): *pours out a small handfull and pops /those/*

(Ianto): *shakes his head* Could be any number of reasons. Could be no reason at all. Things like this are unpredictable.

(Wilson): *stares at House*

(Nancy): I'd say it makes no sense, but I'm sixty-six years in the future in a hotel that shouldn't exist. I suppose it makes as much sense as anything else.

(Cameron): House, what are you doing?

(AnthonyFremont): *exploring under the kitchen table*

(House): *pours out another handfull and offers them around*

(Foreman): *blinks, looking at them, his brow furrowing* ... well, I suppose diabetes is easier to treat than liver failure...

(House): Take one.

(Joey): *eating his sammich*

(Foreman): *picks it up and squints at it* Um.

(Ianto): *wryyy* Now you're catching on.

(Cameron): Let me guess. Not Vicodin.

(Lucy): *gets herself a drink of water, sits at the table before noticing Anthony's under there, almost kicks him* Oh! Sorry!

(Foreman): This does, in fact, appear to be candy.

(House): No, I'm feeling generous today.

(Cameron): What kind?

(House): PEZ. Strawberry.

(Cameron): Oh, nice!

(House): ... I'll be back. *heads up to his room*

(AnthonyFremont): *peers up at Lucy*

(Lucy): *smiles* I'm sorry, I didn't see you under there. Are you okay?

(AnthonyFremont): ...*nods*

(Wilson): *somehow, when something strange happens, now immediately thinks ANTHONY. Gee, wonder why.* I have a feeling we're going to be dealing with a dead little boy very shortly.

(Lucy): Well, good. What're you doing under there?

(Joey): *looks up from his food* --What? Dead kids aren't good.

(Norrington): [Might as well!]

(Nancy): It's just been a lot to take in. I'd only just met the Doctor before I arrived here.

(AnthonyFremont): *shrugs*

(Norrington): *shall be walking in, then*

(Lucy): What's your name?

(AnthonyFremont): Anthony.

(Joey): [asdfghj eeeeee.]

(Ianto): At least you'd met him. And Rose and Jack, of course.

(Joey): [Will, stop glaring.]

(Foreman): *browarch at Wilson* Is there something we haven't been told yet here?

(Lucy): *smiles* It's nice to meet you, Anthony.

(House): *storms back in with two pocketfulls of bottles and sits at the kitchen table, emptying them out one by one*

(Nancy): *nods* Yes. Don't know what I'd have done if I hadn't. *squeezeJamie*

(AnthonyFremont): What's /your/ name?

(Lucy): Lucy.

(Joey): *sandwich!*

(House): *and soon there is a tableful of pink, yellow, and orange candies -- sorry to anyone who had anything on the table before this*

(Wilson): As odd as it sounds, I'd say that the kid under the table is our Vicodin stealing culprit.

(Cameron): *leans over and swipes an orange one, popping it in her mouth*

(Foreman): *stares at the candy* *...and, well, eats a few*

(Joey): *is not one to say no to free candy*

(Ianto): *catches that, but doesn't ask-- may ask Jack later* I hadn't met the Doctor and Rose before arriving here, so you've got one up on me.

(House): *runs his hands through his hair, looking distraught*

(Joey): *so takes some :D*

(AnthonyFremont): Oh.

(Norrington): *stands in the kitchen door and watches the assemblage, frowning slightly*

(Wilson): *glances at House* They're all Pez?

(House): All of it.

(Joey): *blinks at Norry* --What, you in a movie or something?

(Cameron): They're good.

(House): Every. Damn. Bottle.

(Norrington): *blinks* Moive?

(Norrington): *Movie

(Norrington): [I can totally spell. 9.9]

(Joey): Yeah. What's with the getup?

(Foreman): Your liver /could/ use the break, man. *grabs a handful*

(Lucy): *takes a couple Pez and offers one to Anthony* Want one?

(House): *throws a handful at Foreman, glaring*

(AnthonyFremont): Yeah. *takes them and pops them in his mouth*

(Nancy): *would tell him about it if he asked, would've expected Jack to have told him about it actually, being his boyfriend and all* Why hadn't you? They were together when I saw them.

(Lucy): *smiles a bit* Well, you're welcome.

(Norrington): *glances down* My clothing?

(Joey): Yeah.

(Joey): All the -- *gestures* ...stuff.

(Wilson): *frowns* Have you run out before while you were here?

(Ianto): *--it was a long time ago, Jack's never mentioned the gas mask part* Bit of a long story, really. Jack's not seen them for some time.

(House): No -- it's just -- always been there. Whenever I needed it.

(Norrington): It was my uniform.

(Joey): ...It's -fancy-.

(Wilson): Maybe wait a little while and check again?

(Norrington): *resigned sigh* Not anymore.

(Nancy): Was it because of the bomb? I thought he was with the Doctor and Rose after that.

(House): I don't think it'll be there.

(Joey): Well, hell of a lot fancier than any costume -I- got.

(Norrington): It's not a costume.

(Wilson): Maybe not, but it's worth a try...

(Ianto): *re-assuring smile* I don't think it had anything to do with the bomb.

(Joey): Really? Whoa.

(Nancy): That's good, I wouldn't have liked if something bad happened to him because he saved us.

(Lucy): *offers Anthony another Pez* Are you here all by yourself?

(House): Fucking kid...

(Norrington): As I said, this is my clothing.

(Cameron): At least they're not poisoned Pez, or something.

(Cuddy): *wanders on down from her room*

(Wilson): *sighs* I would say "are you sure?" But who else would it be?

(Cuddy): [man, screw papers.]

(House): Always look on the bright side of life. *whistles -- you know the tune*

(AnthonyFremont): *don't give him ideas, Cameron*

(AnthonyFremont): *and nods again, taking the Pez*

(Lucy): Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. I bet you find it really hard, huh?

(Joey): So....you're a pirate or something?

(Foreman): *eyes House* You just had your entire stash sabotaged and you're whistling Monty Python. Something is up here.

(Cuddy): *walking over to House et al, spies the pile of candy*

(Norrington): .... I am no such thing.

(AnthonyFremont): Not really.

(Lucy): No?

(Joey): ...Why not?

(House): I'm trying to keep from going insane, wanna help>

(House): */

(House): *?

(Cuddy): Do I even need to ask about the PEZ, or do I really want to know?

(Wilson): It *was* Vicodin.

(Foreman): And everyone but me seems to understand exactly why it's PEZ /now/.

(Norrington): Pirates are vile excuses for human beings.

(House): It's the evil -- child of the corn!

(Cameron): What?

(Ianto): *keeps any reaction out of his eyes* No, don't you worry about that.

(AnthonyFremont): [*dies laughing*]

(Cuddy): *quizzical look* That makes two of us.

(Joey): I always thought it'd be fun to play a pirate.

(Cuddy): Is it... safe to eat? Or is it devil PEZ?

(Norrington): I hardly know why anyone would want to play at being a degenerate criminal.

(Cameron): No, they're good! *eats another one*

(House): Any PEZ that is not Vicodin is devil PEZ.

(Wilson): For the moment.

(House): I hope it turns back into Vicodin before you digest it and you all OD.

(Lucy): You don't miss your family or anything?

(House): *cheerful, really*

(Nancy): *nods* ...How'd you meet Jack?

(Cuddy): Did I miss something? Did someone here take up alchemy and forget to tell me?

(House): Wait until it snows.

(Wilson): There's a strange little boy under the table, who seems to be able to make even stranger things happen at will.

(Cameron): ... Like making people show up in a hotel in the middle of nowhere?

(House): Thank you, Yoda.

(AnthonyFremont): No. -- Quit talking about me!

(Cuddy): *looks under the table to find that there is, indeed a little boy*


(House): *!

(Lucy): Hey! Don't yell at him!

(AnthonyFremont): *clings to Lucy's legs*

(Cuddy): House, don't scare the poor kid.

(House): Why not?

(Lucy): *puts a hand on Anthony's shoulder* Aww, it's okay. He's just a mean, cranky old man. Don't pay any attention to him.

(Ianto): At work. He's my boss.

(Foreman): I... well, yes and no... *looks /really fucking concerned/. and puts down the candy.*

(Cuddy): He's just a little boy. I hardly think he changed your pills to PEZ. I'd lay money on Wilson.

(Nancy): *grin* You're dating your boss?

(Wilson): *chokes* You'd be wrong. It's definately the boy.

(House): (-- I saw 'Wilson' and 'dating your boss' and went 'bzuh?')

(Foreman): [ XXDD ]

(House): Judas has mellowed a bit since I almost got crucified.

(Joey): *lately* 'Cause it's fun.

(Cuddy): [yeah, I had some brain pain there]

(Ianto): [... XD. Sorry?]

(Norrington): Piracy is not *fun*.

(Nancy): {{XD Sorry! Different boss. *dies*}}

(Ianto): *eyes that grin with amusement-- he likes Nancy* Against my better judgement.

(AnthonyFremont): *glaring at House*

(Cuddy): *rolls her eyes* Even if he is an evil devil child, don't yell at him.

(Ianto): [... gee, thanks, then I imagined Ianto dating House.]

(Foreman): That... doesn't sound... *looks to Wilson* So what exactly has gone on that leads to this conclusion?

(Foreman): [ nobody should date House. ]

(House): (... oh dude, Ianto/House OTP -- ow XD)

(Nancy): {{..Ouch, poor Ianto.

(Foreman): [ EVERYBODY should SLEEP with House. But nobody should date him. ]

(Wilson): He set someone on fire, he made it snow inside, he made spiders /with tails/ appear in someone's hair...

(Ianto): [-- Jack would kill him if he tried anything. ^^]

(House): I /know/ it was him.

(Foreman): Spiders with tails. *utterly dumbfounded*

(Cameron): .... Wow.

(AnthonyFremont): LEAVE ME ALONE.

(Wilson): He changed all of House's whiskey into juice boxes. Apple, if I remember correctly.


(Foreman): So he's an evil devil child who wants to detox House. He can't be /all/ bad...

(AnthonyFremont): NO.

(AnthonyFremont): YOU can't make ME do anything!

(Cameron): House, why don't you try... asking him nicely?

(Foreman): *stops. and looks over at Anthony, watching very carefully*

(Nancy): {{Warren: Not all bad? He SET me on FIRE. He set my WINGS on Fire! *>_<*}}

(Lucy): ((Poor Warren))

(Cuddy): *to Anthony* It's alright, sweetie. You don't have to listen to him.

(House): ... /please/ give me back my pills.

(Nancy): *Nancy'd probably make a good member of Torchwood* Thought there were rules about that sort of thing. Or does that not apply to super-secret special-ops? *gringrin*

(AnthonyFremont): ...No.

(Foreman): *under his breath* Not 'I didn't take them'. Just 'no'.

(Wilson): Exactly.

(Ianto): *she probably would, come to think of it* *may look a little sheepish, just a little* The good Captain isn't very good at following rules.

(Lucy): *gets up and crouches down so she can talk to Anthony eye to eye* Anthony, did you do something to his pills?

(Cameron): *ditto under her breath* ... Hello, creepy.

(Cuddy): *is still convinced House probably deserved it*

(Foreman): *isn't remotely doubting /that/, but still wants to figure out if the kid is a vengeful demon or anything*

(AnthonyFremont): He's a bad man. He deserved it.

(Cameron): Of course he's a bad man. But when he doesn't get his Vicodin, he gets really cranky. So he gets even worse.

(Lucy): *smiles a little* Well, he doesn't seem very nice, huh?

(Nancy): That doesn't surprise me, I imagine everyone around the Doctor is good at ignoring rules when it suits them.

(House): Fucking ray of sunshine you are. *headtable -- or headPEZ, really*

(Cuddy): *looks at Foreman with major alarmed!face*

(Foreman): *catches it, looks equally WTF'd, but is still letting the sweet-sounding females of the group talk to the kid*

(Lucy): How about watching your language when there's a child in the room?

(Foreman): *in that annoyingly even Foreman tone* How about we make sure this /is/ a child before we worry about that...

(Ianto): *including Ianto, but--* He does seem to encourage that. But somehow I don't expect Jack ever did anything else.

(Lucy): Of course he's a child.

(Foreman): Child, sure. /Human/ child, in this place, I'm not so convinced...

(Cuddy): *even further WTF face* Don't be silly, of course he's a human... right?

(Wilson): I haven't seen too many kids come up with the kinds of things this one does.

(Nancy): *yeah, but with being around Jack so much that's hardly a surprise* You're probably right. *amusion*

(Cameron): This is weird.

(Foreman): [ It's weird. ]

(Cameron): [Fucking weird!]

(House): Fucking weird.

(Foreman): [ You missed al ine! ]

(Foreman): [ -- and Mimi saves it ]

(Cameron): [Oh yeah. Very weird!]

(Wilson): (stupid connection)

(Nancy): *yeah, but with being around Jack so much that's hardly a surprise* You're probably right. *amusion*

(Ianto): *fondly, re: Jack* Probably.

(Foreman): [[ Mimi has to go to bed and get out of the room she's in. She sends love and says she'll be on tomorrow. ]]

(AnthonyFremont): [<3333 Mimi]

(Cuddy): [lurve to Mimi]

(Cameron): [Ditto.]

(Foreman): *bites lip, watching Anthony /incredibly carefully/*

(AnthonyFremont): *fiddles with his shoelaces*

(Cuddy): *considers barricading herself in her room until the world makes sense again*

(Foreman): *sits up* Well. I do believe me and Mr. Pocket Bartender are about to go work a little more magic, if anyone would like to join us.

(Wilson): *doesn't think Cuddy'd ever leave her room again in that case. NOTHING makes sense with that kid around*

(Nancy): Has he told you much about the things he and the Doctor have done? Places and times they've been to? *is just facinated by all of it*

(Cameron): Sounds good.

(Wilson): *glances at Foreman* As long as the kid doesn't decide to get rid of all the alcohol again.

(Cuddy): *muttered* If he does, I'll break every one of his bones.

(Foreman): *winces internally* Well, as long as we're /nice/ to him, things seem to be okay. *gives Anthony what he hopes is a friendly passing-adult type smile as he heads barwards*

(Ianto): *shakes his head* He was reluctant to while they were seperated. Perhaps now.
I'll admit to being curious.

(Cuddy): *restrains herself from kicking, or looking at, Anthony as she follows Foreman*

(Cameron): *heads to the bar as well*

(Lucy): *heads off to the bar too*

(Lucy): (d'oh)

(Wilson): *heads off to the bar. Not Lucy. She's still all alcoholed out*

(Foreman): *puts the Blackberry on the bar* Feel free to browse through that, pick out anything that sounds fun. They seem to have pretty much everything here. *pulls out a glass himself which quickly becomes a bigger-than-strictly-necessary Jack on the rocks*

(Nancy): I wonder if Rose might tell us. She told me when I'd met her than England would win the War.

(AnthonyFremont): *poof! alcohol is gone, folks*

(Foreman): [ what's that Jack now? XD ]


(Lucy): *watches Anthony* Did you really do all those things they say you did, Anthony?

(AnthonyFremont): *nods*

(Ianto): I imagine she would; we'll have to ask, you and I. I for one feel awfully ordinary sometimes. *--but nods* We did win.

(Foreman): *leans on the bar and takes a long swallow of .... um. Iced tea. Weak and unsweetened iced tea, at that.* ... I think we are about to have a mess on our hands.

(Lucy): Why?

(Wilson): He didn't...

(Cuddy): Son of a bitch.

(Cameron): ..... Oh, God.

(Foreman): *offers the glass to Wilson* Either he stole the booze or he stole my taste buds, someone figure it out.

(AnthonyFremont): [I'm totally enjoying this. Just to let you all know.]

(Foreman): [ Glad somebody is. XD ]

(Wilson): *takes the glass and tries a bit* Iced tea. And not very good iced tea at that. Great.

(AnthonyFremont): Because he's a bad man and he thinks bad things about me.

(Nancy): *nods* So do I. Especially around all these people from the future! *laughs for a moment, then grows a bit more serious when thinking about the war* I didn't think we would, before she said it. When she told me she was from London, in the future, I was surprised she wasn't German!

(Lucy): And the spiders?

(Foreman): *puts his hands on the counter* Alright. Who thinks they can go talk to the kid long enough to figure out what's up without throttling him?

(AnthonyFremont): What about them?

(Cuddy): *absolutely livid* I... I'll... Goddammit.

(Cameron): I'm not sure we wouldn't make it worse.

(Lucy): Why would you make spiders appear in someone's hair? Or set them on fire?

(Foreman): Well, if we can understand what makes him want to do it, maybe we can avoid it. Placate him if nothing else.

(Wilson): Don't forget, he did set someone on *fire* because they made him angry.

(Ianto): Nope, not German. Britain's still around, still going strong.

(Cuddy): Why are we being held hostage by a pint sized terrorist?

(AnthonyFremont): Oh, the man with the wings? He wouldn't put me /down/. What else was I supposed to do?

(Foreman): You remember being four? It's because he /can/.

(Foreman): [ feel free to interchange with whatever age Anthony appears to be. ]

(Lucy): He had wings? *huh. That's strange*

(Cuddy): *wonders if it's too soon to suggest throwing him from somewhere high onto something sharp*

(AnthonyFremont): [Six.]

(Nancy): *slight smile* Yeah. I know. *ruffles Jamie's hair* I should probably be getting him to bed. We should talk again sometime. *grin*

(Ianto): All right. I should be getting back to Jack. Goodnight, you two.

(AnthonyFremont): Uh-huh. And that robot was shooting at people, and he wouldn't let me stop it.

(AnthonyFremont): I /would've/ turned it into a tea kettle!

(Nancy): Goodnight. *^_^*

(Lucy): There was a robot shooting at people? Sounds pretty scary. I guess he just wanted to keep you safe?

*** House has joined #desperatescreen

(Foreman): [ HAY HOWSE. ]


(House): *went to go check on the Vicodin again -- still PEZ*

(AnthonyFremont): I don't care. He didn't put me down when I told him to.

(Foreman): [ update: everyone wandered to the bar. The whiskey is now crappy iced tea, odds are everything else has followed suit. ]

(Cameron): Are the mixers still okay?

(Foreman): *glances down* Seem to be. I can make someone a mean cranberry tea, but I doubt that'll help anyone too much.

(Lucy): Well, it sounds like- fire-setting aside- you just want people to like you. Right?

(Cameron): Better than nothing?

(Cuddy): In whose opinion?

(AnthonyFremont): Right. And have everything my way, all the time. Did we mention that part?

(Foreman): *rests his chin on his hand* Alternately, we can just let him and House give each other hell and hope that distracts him from the rest of us...

(Lucy): You sound like a really smart, really creative little boy. *smiles* But if you want people to like you, sometimes you have to be nice to them first.

(Cameron): That's not the best conclusion.

(Warren): *turns up, shirtless, with big, white, bandaged wings hanging behind him* *pokes his head in cautiously*

(Foreman): Mixers it is then. *pours out his glass, goes about mixing some orange juice and ginger ale*

(AnthonyFremont): *o_O's at Lucy*

(Warren): *sees and recognizes Wilson, but doesn't see Anthony, so comes further into the room*

(Foreman): *glances up and sees Warren, eyebrows raising, but this place has jaded him already* Hey, you okay over there?

(Wilson): *looks over, smiles as bit* Hello Warren- how are your wings?

(Cuddy): *looks over at Warren, almost falls off of her stool*

(Lucy): Don't you think the cranky old guy would like you a lot more if you didn't take his pills away?

(Warren): *glances at Foreman* I'm fine. *to Wilson* Sore, still, but not nearly as bad. *you can tell because he can actually hold them up now*

(Wilson): *nods* Good to hear.

(AnthonyFremont): No.

(AnthonyFremont): He's got problems.

(Warren): *is still a little nervous talking about it in front of people he doesn't know* ...It'll take a while for all the feathers to grow back, though, won't be using them for a while.


(Foreman): *gives Cuddy a sympathetic glance, pours her a shot of cranberry juice with a good dose of lime juice*

(Warren): *stiffens just a little when he realizes Anthony's around, doesn't want a repeat of last time*

(Lucy): *laughs* I'm sure he does. But he'd *not* like you a lot less if you were nice to him, I'm sure.

(Cuddy): *slams whatever Foreman has put in front of her, barely even pulls a face*

(AnthonyFremont): He's a bad man.

(AnthonyFremont): *this justifies everything*

(Foreman): *and neither devilkid nor wingyboy has gotten quite /this/ look of awe from Foreman tonight*

(Cameron): [Anthony? Are you related to Tritter?]

(Lucy): What makes you say that?


(AnthonyFremont): [Whowhat?]

(Cameron): [Tritter... Assmunch detective that was like stalking House for FAR TOO LONG.]

(Cuddy): *stands up from the bar shakily, rather pale* I think I'm going to go take a nap.

(Foreman): *nods to Cuddy a bit* Enjoy it.

(Cameron): What he said.

(AnthonyFremont): Stop asking me questions.

(Cuddy): *tries not to look at or think about wing boy or devil child as she goes, as her brains are in terrible danger*

(Cameron): *glances over* Wow, that kid is a brat.

(Lucy): *will take that as an "I don't know"* Okay. You don't have to tell me, if you don't want to.

(Warren): *didn't mean to break Cuddy's brain with his existance! Really! XD*


(House): *emoing. with PEZ*

(Cuddy): [alright childrens, I do have to sleep some time today]

(Foreman): Yeah, whether he's ethereal superbrat or not.

(Foreman): [ nightnight! ]

(Warren): {{Night!}}

(House): (... my timing sucks XD NIGHT)

(Wilson): (Sleep? What's that? XD G'night!)

(AnthonyFremont): [<3333]

(Cuddy): [night and lurve!]

(AnthonyFremont): ...I'm tired of sitting under here.

(AnthonyFremont): *EMERGES*

(House): (So where's the Scooby Gang XD)

(Foreman): [ At the bar. ]

(Foreman): [ No alcohol. But they tried. ]

(House): *emos his way over there, then*

(Foreman): *tries the whiskeytea again, pours a glass, adds a squirt of lemon and a splash of syrup, brief taste-test, and slides it over to Cameron

(Foreman): *

(Lucy): *smiles* Nice of you to come out.

(House): I hate this palce.

(Cameron): *takes a sip* Thank you.

(House): *place

(Wilson): Something needs to be done about that kid.

(Foreman): You're in good company then. Take a seat, name your mixers.

(Cameron): What *can* be done about that kid?

(Wilson): Good question.

(AnthonyFremont): It was boring. I could've made it into an igloo, but I didn't feel like it.

(AnthonyFremont): Plus your fight would have frozen and I wouldn't like my feet getting frozen.

(AnthonyFremont): *OMGEMPATHY?*

(Cameron): [GASP.]

(AnthonyFremont): [feet, not fight...wtf]

(Lucy): *smiles* Well, that was very considerate, Anthony. Thank you. I don't like getting my feet frozen either.

(Warren): You can try whatever you like...I'll watch. *has no intention of trying anything involving that kid*

(Foreman): [ note to self: Cam and 4manz owe Lucy their first g2er ]

(Lucy): [Lucy: *good with psychology and kids?*]

(Foreman): [Foreman: *kinda shit at both of those*]

(AnthonyFremont): I made it snow here before.

(Lucy): Really? I'm sure a lot of people liked that!

(AnthonyFremont): They should have.

(Cameron): [At least Foreman is good with the brinz themselvz?]

(Foreman): [Foreman: I can take it apart and put it back together just fine. From the outside?... ]

(Lucy): It's nice to have stuff like that sometimes. We used to get a lot of snow in Chicago.

(Cameron): [Yay lake-effect snow.]

(AnthonyFremont): Chicago?

(Lucy): *nods* It's a big city in Illinois.

(Foreman): [ *pokes chat with stick* ]

(Wilson): Well, there has to be something we can do.

(Foreman): My vote is to ignore his vengeful ass and stay out of his way.

(Lucy): He's going to drive House completely insane.

(Lucy): ((Damnit))

(Foreman): [ *applause* ]

(Lucy): ((*notes it's almost five am?*))

(Wilson): He's going to drive House completely insane.

(Foreman): [ Really. Two miswindows all night, you're beating me by miles ]

(Foreman): [ hell I've almost miswindowed between here and OOC ]

(Foreman): Being able to make House insane is not exactly a real unique talent.

(Wilson): ((Hee! I'm surprised I haven't done that yet. Usually by this time, I'm crashed at the computer, in my big comfy chair with a cat on my lap))

(Warren): He also might kill somebody.

(AnthonyFremont): Where did the other people go?

(Cameron): Make?

(Lucy): I'm not sure.

(Foreman): See, that might be a problem. But it's not like we can /do/ anything about him. Sitting him down and getting him to understand why randomly attacking everyone who irritates him is wrong would be helpful, but you're likely to /get/ killed in the process.

(Wilson): Ignoring him doesn't do any good either.

(AnthonyFremont): They drink too much. That's why I wished it all away.

(Lucy): What did you wish away?

(AnthonyFremont): The whiskey!

(Lucy): Ohh, I see. Well I think maybe you should leave it up to other people if they want to drink whiskey or not. *nods*

(AnthonyFremont): Why?

(Lucy): Because some people like that stuff.

*** AnthonyFremont Quit (Ping timeout)

(Cameron): [THAT'S REAL GOOD.]

(Wilson): [ABSOLUTELY]

*** AnthonyFremont has joined #desperatescreen

(Cameron): *sips her totally unalcoholic drink*

(Lucy): Because some people like that stuff.

(Wilson): [Connor: *will eventually offer to help solve the "Anthony Problem"*]

(Cameron): Foreman, for a drink made entirely of mixers, it's really good.

(AnthonyFremont): It makes them stupid. It makes them /sing/.

(Cameron): [Couldn't resist. XD]

(Foreman): [ Whore. ]

(Lucy): *nods* True. It does make some people act pretty badly, doesn't it?

(AnthonyFremont): Yes.

(Wilson): But not everyone.

(Wilson): ((Damnit!))

(Cameron): [XD]

(Lucy): But not everyone. ((I need more coffee.))

(AnthonyFremont): Well, I don't like it.

(Lucy): Maybe some people just need to show a little more restraint when they're drinking, huh?

(Foreman): *grins* Lucky the whiskey turned into tea, I guess.

(AnthonyFremont): *nodnod*

(Cameron): *laughs* I don't know about lucky.

(Foreman): Well, lucky it turned into tea and not... I dunno. Weak iced coffee or dirty creek water or something.

(Cameron): .... Ugh.

(Foreman): Bartender's only as good as his supplies.

(Lucy): So maybe it's okay for a *little* bit of the whiskey to stay, so the people who are responsible can enjoy it.

(AnthonyFremont): Maybe. But they had better not start singing.

(Lucy): *smiles* Well, if they start to sing, we can always go somewhere where we can't hear them.

(Foreman): [ ... is Cameron's iced tea going to turn into whiskey on the rocks in a second? XD ]

(Cameron): [That would be so awesome. XD]

(AnthonyFremont): *...poof, whiskey!*

(Foreman): [ XD ]

(Cameron): *drink-- COUGH*

(Wilson): *despite popular belief, has been paying attention to Cameron and Foreman. Really. Although, given Chase's... relationship status, he shouldn't be surprised that they seem to be getting awfully close, looks over when he hears Cameron coughing* Are you all right?

(Cameron): ... Oh... *deep breath* Alcohol's back.

(Foreman): *leans bolt upright and darts to the other side of the bar* Shit, what now? You okay? *if that kid did anything to-- and this would be a slow blink, and a relieved sigh*

(Cameron): Well.. If I had any sinus issues, they're gone now.

(Lucy): *would tell Anthony he did a good job if she knew*

(Foreman): *takes Cam's drink and takes a good long solid sip off it, sighing happily and setting it down... then looks over the bar to Anthony and smiles* Hey, buddy. Thanks for putting our drinks back.

(Cameron): [It was real good you done that! Real good!]

(Lucy): *smiles* See? When you do nice, helpful things for people, they appreciate it.

(AnthonyFremont): *shrugs*

(Foreman): We really do. We're sorry if we made you mad earlier. We didn't mean to.

(Lucy): Now. How about changing House's pills back from PEZ?


(Wilson): ((*makes a window smaller and tries again*)) Now. How about changing House's pills back from PEZ?

(AnthonyFremont): No.

(Wilson): If you don't let him have his pills back, he's going to get really, really sick.

(AnthonyFremont): Why?

(Foreman): *steps back around the bar, because explaining addiction to the kid doesn't seem that wise* It's because he's stuck.

(Foreman): [Foreman: *has a plan. step back. if I get fried, give Chase my porn.*]

(Cameron): *sips tentatively at her drink* It's medicine. It keeps him well.

(AnthonyFremont): He eats them like cookies.

(AnthonyFremont): Like /candy/. So I made them candy.

(Wilson): But it's medicine- it's not candy. Candy isn't going to keep him from getting sick, unfortunately.

(Foreman): Yeah, he does, doesn't he? He eats too many of them. *kneels down next to Anthony* But see, here's the thing. I've known Dr. House for a long time. And I know he can get really grumpy and mean, and he's not fun to be around. He's my boss where I work, so I know.

(AnthonyFremont): Golly, he's your boss?

(Foreman): *grins* Sure is. I have to do whatever he tells me, all day.

(Foreman): But see, here's the thing. A long time ago, Dr. House hurt his leg really bad. It hurt him so bad he can't walk without his cane, and it never really got well. So he takes his medicine -- *points at the, er, PEZ* -- to help his leg feel better.

(AnthonyFremont): Does he need /that/ much /all/ the time?

(Cameron): *reaches behind the bar and grabs a maraschino cherry, which she pops into her mouth as she listens to the conversation*

(Foreman): No, not really. That's the other part. See, the medicine helps his leg feel better, but just for a little while. Then after that, it just feels worse. So he has to take more of the pills, to keep up -- and eventually the pills make him sick, too. But if he /doesn't/ take them, his leg hurts him all the time.

(Wilson): *happy to let Foreman do the talking here- does very well with sick and scared kids- not so good with the just downright evil ones*

(AnthonyFremont): ...Couldn't he just get different medicine?

(AnthonyFremont): Or I could make his leg normal again.

(Cameron): *jawdrop*

(Wilson): *seconding the jawdropping*

(Lucy): *smiles* That'd be really sweet of you, Anthony. Maybe you could talk to Dr House about doing that for him next time you see him?

(Foreman): Well, the other medicines... don't... work. *trails off completely at that, and gets very quiet* Do you think you could do that? I mean... I'll warn you. Dr. House isn't a really nice person anyway. It's probably not going to make him entirely be a good person. But... I know he would appreciate it. And I bet he wouldn't get so mad at you so much.

(AnthonyFremont): *headtilt* He has a bad leg, and he's a bad man. So if I made it a good leg, maybe he would be a /good/ man and not think bad thoughts about me.

(Cameron): *murmurs* This is either going to end up really really good or horrifically bad.

(Wilson): *mutters* Hope for the good.

(Cameron): *whee low talking* Yeah.

(Foreman): Like I said, I'm not making any promises. *smiles a little* But... Dr. House is always hurting. It's either his leg or his medicine hurting him. And sometimes, when all you know is hurting, it's hard to be nice to other people.

(AnthonyFremont): He should /try/.

(Foreman): I know he should. But we /are/ doctors. All we see every day is people who are sick and hurting and dying. And to see all that, and hurt all the time too... it would make anyone sad and mean.

(AnthonyFremont): Is he mean at the people he doctors?

(Cameron): *hello muttering again* Oh, he's a sweetheart.

(Foreman): *aw, shit.* Sometimes he is, yeah. He's mean to the patients, he's mean to me and the other doctors *gesture*, and he's mean to his boss sometimes... but most of all, he's mean to himself. I think maybe -- maybe if he didn't have to think about his leg, he'd have more time to think about the things that used to make him happy. *bordering on full of it, but... somewhere in the blackest pits of his mini-Housian soul, actu

(Foreman): ally does believe that*

(AnthonyFremont): He should know better. Being mean at the patients would only make them /sicker/.

(Foreman): *grins* You'd think so. But Dr. House is /really/ good at what he does. Even though he's mean -- he saves a lot of people's lives. I've watched him do it. That's why I still work for him, even though he's mean. He still does wonderful things for people, even if he's grumpy while he does it.

(AnthonyFremont): That doesn't make it alright.

(Foreman): Well, if you were sick, would you rather have a nice doctor who couldn't help you, or a grumpy doctor who made you well?

(Wilson): ((It'd particularly suck to have a grumpy doctor who couldn't help you. XD))

(Cameron): [For srsly!]

(Foreman): [ But our grumpy doctor is THE BOMB. ]

(Wilson): ((Yes, yes he is.))

(AnthonyFremont): I never get sick.

(Foreman): Somehow I didn't think so. But other people do. And people like Dr. House help them a lot. *smilesmilerevolution* But I bet he could help even more people if he felt better himself. And I bet he'd be nicer too. *note to self: force House to fucking kowtow to the devilchild if this works*

(AnthonyFremont): Would he stop making ugly faces at me?

(Cameron): [....Well...]

(Foreman): *laughs some* He might still make silly faces. He likes to do that. But notmean ones.

(AnthonyFremont): Would he stop singing just to make me mad?

(Foreman): I can't guarantee you everything he'll do. I'm not him. But... I know it would make him happier. And I know happier people are easier to get along with. I mean if he's mean to you, then you're mean back, then he's mean back... that just goes on forever. But it works the other way too. If you do something nice for him, odds are he'll want to be nice back.

(AnthonyFremont): *:{* I shouldn't have to do anything for anybody!

(Foreman): Well, no, you don't /have/ to. But you didn't /have/ to give us our drinks back either, and you did. Because you realized it was the right thing to do, and it made things better for everyone.

(Cameron): [Oh, God, it's six-year-old-House-with-creepy-demon-powers.]

(Foreman): [ This makes three Houses we've basically got on this situation. Fuck an infarction, why haven't we brokered peace in Israel yet?]

(AnthonyFremont): I did it because I wanted to.

(Foreman): *quiet* I can't tell you what to do, son. You have to decide that on your own. But I want you to know it would make a whole lot of people very happy if Dr. House could walk and not hurt anymore.

(AnthonyFremont): *nods*

(Lucy): *smiles a bit, happy with how the conversation seems to be going*

(Foreman): So that's something for you to think about. *holds out his hand* I'm Dr. Foreman, by the way.

(Foreman): [...so if you talk to House about this, you give credit appropriately.]

(Cameron): [XD]

(AnthonyFremont): *takes it* I'm Anthony Fremont.

(Foreman): Nice to meet you, Anthony. *shakes it firmly*

(AnthonyFremont): Are all of you doctors?

(Foreman): Yep. That's Dr. Cameron *point, pretend she's here* and that's Dr. Wilson *more point*. The lady who was here before is Dr. Cuddy.

(AnthonyFremont): *snerk*

(Foreman): *grins* What's so funny?

(AnthonyFremont): Cuddy.

(Foreman): What about it?
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